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Need a Little Help Adjusting?

Leaving for college is an exciting milestone in the life of students and parents alike. With all that you, as a student, have invested at this point, it is understandable that you may experience a little apprehension as your family drops you off at ONU. Who is going to be there to help you remember all you have to do – get enough sleep, don’t procrastinate, and wash your sheets?

You may experience your own unique adjustment issues as you begin this new phase of your life. Challenges can arise as you face living on your own for the first time and enter an environment where no one is aware of your many high school accomplishments.

While most students successfully make the transition to college life, some may need a little extra help. The Counseling Center at Ohio Northern is an important resource for students who are struggling with their adjustment to college life. Homesickness, anxiety and the stress of managing competing demands are just a few of the problems for which students seek assistance. The Counseling Center is staffed by two licensed mental health professionals: Rebecca Diller LPCC and Dr. Michael Schafer, who meet with students by appointment Monday through Friday. Services are provided at no charge, and appointments are available at the convenience of the student. Evening appointments also are available.

In addition to providing services of individual counseling, the Counseling Center staff is available for consultation when faculty (or a loving parent) or students have concerns. As a student, you should never feel that your problem is “too small’ to talk about. The staff is committed to assisting students in resolving issues (no matter the size) that are detracting from their college experience.

We want to encourage you to take advantage of this important on-campus service if needed. You can find out more by visiting our website or by contacting us at 419-772-2190.