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Housing Information


When you talk to people about their college experience, the conversation at some point usually turns to roommates and experiences living away from home and on campus. ONU offers a variety of housing options for incoming students. Most students will spend their first year living in the Founders complex, which is comprised of three buildings: Founders Hall, Park Hall and Maglot Hall. This is a traditional co-ed residence experience. Each wing has a community bathroom, and students will be assigned a roommate. A great deal of friendships and fond memories are built in the residence halls, as students decorate their room, spend time in the lounges, and meet each other for events or just hanging out in the building.

While most new students will live in the Founders complex, there are four other options available this year for new students. Northern House is an all-men’s building, whose residents often develop a strong sense of community and brotherhood while having a fun place to live. 5 University Parkway is an all-women’s building that fosters friendship, close relationships, and a strong sense of community for its residents. The two other options available to new students are the living-learning communities known as Global Village and the Fitness Learning and Recreation Environment, or F.L.A.R.E. Both are located in Affinity Village next to the Honors House and Greek groups.

Global Village is a collection of international domestic students who live together and take a cultural exploration class together on Monday nights. It offers a chance to meet students from around the world and experience a diverse range of cultures while still on the ONU campus. F.L.A.R.E. is a community of students who are committed to living a healthy lifestyle and enjoy personal fitness. Students in this community also will have a weekly class focused on healthy living.

Find out more by visiting the Residence Life website. You also can send questions to or call 419-772-2430.