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Polar Parent Pride: A Northern mom shares

When Tracy Van Sickle read about the five Creager Siblings who all graduated from ONU, she wondered if having three ONU students simultaneously enrolled would be of interest. Of course, this triple crown of Northern commitment is a true measure of the value of an ONU education! Being an ONU mom, Tracy knows the true meaning of investing in her students for the longer-term benefits that are life changing:

“I am proud to be the mother of three ONU Polar Bears: Samantha, who is majoring in criminal justice and sociology with a minor in business; Jenna, who is majoring in criminal justice and sociology; and last, but not least, Tim, who is majoring in engineering. My students are triplets, with the girls being the first to consider college. After Jenna and Samantha decided they wanted to stay in Ohio, they looked at ONU and toured the facilities. Everyone was so friendly and helpful, and the beauty of the campus really stood out. My triplets had only been away from each other for no more than a week, so after the girls decided to attend ONU together, Tim looked there as well. He found there was really no other place he wanted to go. We all had to sit down and go over the financial aspects. We were pleased to find that ONU provided the best overall financial packages for us along with personal advisement.

So far, the triplets have had numerous and overlapping experiences as Northern students. Having them out on their own has been very positive, yet they still can rely on one another. They have each made positive friendships, plus they all have had helpful advisors whom they meet with frequently. A true blessing has been our financial aid staff guidance, specifically Jayme Jarrett, who has been upbeat and helpful as we ask questions and seek advice. Being a single mom has meant relying on student loans and scholarships. I always have told my students that if they wanted more out of life, they needed to go to college and work exceptionally hard. I have been blessed with honor roll students.

The career paths of my students are evolving as they explore varied directions. Jenna knows she wants to be able to help children, likely through social work, while Samantha enjoys sociology and the business courses. Tim joined the Baja SAE team, so he is also developing new ideas as to where engineering may take him.

I recommend ONU to others, and I sing the praises of this choice of my triplets to anyone who wants to listen. I am impressed with all of the help offered, including tutoring, the communication skills center and the many other programs that are available. During our first family day, we went to a football game, saw veterans being honored and sensed the spirit of community that is a part of the Northern experience. I know my triplets made the right choice.

Tracy Van Sickle resides in Columbus, Ohio. Jenna and Samantha are juniors, and Tim is a sophomore.

We encourage you, as an ONU parent, to share your testimony regarding your student(s) and their successes! Polar Pride is a great way to tell the ONU story to others! Please send your positive words regarding Northern experiences to Karen Condeni at for future newsletter issues!