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Sociology papers presented

At the North Central Sociological Association annual meeting, held April 10-12, 2014, in Cincinnati, ONU faculty and students presented three papers.

  • Andrew Gray, a junior in sociology and criminal justice from Bellefontaine, Ohio, James Call, a junior in sociology and criminal justice from Miamisburg, Ohio, and Holly Evans, a senior in forensic biology and sociology, presented the results of their work with Keith Durkin, professor of sociology. The project tested the predictions of various sociological theories of crime using GAIN (Global Assessment of Individual Needs) data collected on youth with drug arrests as part of the national Reclaiming Futures project. The paper is titled “Testing Selected Sociological Theories of Crime from GAIN Data.”
  • A paper titled “Health Behaviors: Use and obstacles in Allen County, Ohio,” presented preliminary results of a CDC grant to assess and encourage health behavior in Allen County residents. Authors are Rebecca Brooks, visiting instructor in sociology, and Chris North, associate professor of communication arts, Cheri Mitchell, Activate Allen County, and John Snyder, OSU-Lima. The project is part of a "small community transformation grant" through the Centers for Disease Control. Activate Allen County is funded by a $1.2 million CDC grant.
  • Robert Carrothers, associate professor of sociology, presented a paper analyzing the use of Native America mascots by colleges and professional sports franchises using a sociological theory of religion. The paper is titled “Sacred To Whom?: Native American sports mascots and Durkheim's Sacred and Profane.”

At the conference, Brooks accepted an appointment to the NCSA Council on Applied and Public Sociology for the 2014-2015 year. 

Carrothers was also elected Vice President of the NCSA for the 2015-2016 year and will serve as Vice President-elect for the coming year which will involve planning and organizing next year's annual meeting.