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Campus Labs and Classrooms

The following links are to online documents that list the software in computer labs and classrooms around campus.  The specific purpose of the documents is to show faculty and staff what software is currently installed in the labs/classrooms.  Faculty/Staff can use this information to review and then inform IT what software updates are required for academic purposes.  This is especially useful in the Spring semester to inform IT what needs to be installed over the summer so the labs are ready for Fall semester.

You can view the 2014 summer lab refresh schedule here.

Click a lab/classroom to view the software.  Email with any changes or additions of software.

Biggs 112
Biggs 123
Biggs 125
Biggs 129 Jet
Biggs 130
Biggs 131
Biggs 207
Biggs 213  DSP
Biggs 219
Biggs 223 Senior Des
Biggs 224 Senior Des
Biggs 226 DEL
Biggs 235 Class
Biggs 236 Class
Biggs 237 PL2
Biggs 238 class
Biggs 239 class
Biggs 240  Power
Biggs 241 1st Yr
Clark 119
Dicke 140
Dicke 141
Dicke Atrium
Dukes 113
Dukes 130
Dukes 150
Dukes 151
Dukes 152
Dukes 153
Dukes 252
Dukes 301
Dukes 302
Dukes 303
Dukes 330
Dukes 350
Dukes 351
Dukes 352
Dukes 354
Dukes Laptop Cart
Heterick 101Music
Heterick 102A
Heterick 102B
Heterick 209 Comm Skills
Heterick Pubic Terminals
Hill 001
Hill 114
King Horn Student Lounge
Lehr Kennedy 2nd Floor
Mathile 129A
Mathile 208
Mathile Nurse Lab
McIntosh Cyber Cafe
McIntosh Presentation Laptops
Meyer 121
Meyer 122
Meyer 212
Meyer 222
Meyer Laptop Cart
PAC 133
Presser 1st Floor
Robertson Evans 110
Robertson Evans 228
Science Annext 105 Class/large
Science Annex 207 Classroom
Science Annex 208 Classroom
Science Annex 210
Science Annex 216 Classroom
Science Annex 217 senior des
Taft 107 - Electronics
Taft 107 - Robotics
Taft 201
Taft 203
Taft 204
Taft 209
Tilton 144
Wilson 117

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