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Ohio Legal Scholarship Workshop

The semi-annual Ohio Legal Scholarship Workshop was held Feb. 1 at ONU’s College of Law. Lauren Newell, assistant professor of law, organized the event and was one of five faculty members making presentations at the workshop, along with legal scholars from across the state.

Brian Anderson, reference librarian and assistant professor of law, presented “Anticorruption Reform in Rwanda: Strengthening Institutions and the Rule of Law to Eliminate Corruption and Promote Good Governance.”

Jean-Marie Kamatali, assistant professor of law, presented “The Limits of the First Amendment: Protecting American Citizens’ Free Speech in the Era of Internet and Global Marketplace of Ideas.”

Deidré Keller, associate professor of law, presented “The Ill-Conceived “Right” to Abandon.”

Newell presented Redefining Attention (and Revamping the Legal Profession?) for the Digital Generation.

David Pimentel, visiting associate professor of law, presented “Forfeitures as Excessive Fines: Finding a Practical and Principled Approach for Eighth Amendment Protection.”