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February 2014




February 2014
Northern Parent News
Hello ONU Parents! Have you ever wondered if your ONU student is taking full advantage of ways to further enrich their life on campus? This special edition of your ONU newsletter highlights several engagement opportunities for your students. We hope you enjoy reading about how our University is paving the way for students to connect and step up.
Trending Now  
Build a Career  
Your ONU student can step up and readily help themselves as they look at job and internship possibilities. Their future long-term careers can be built by gaining valuable experiences during their college days. A resume that includes a tangible and relevant work background, as well as a better developed skillset, is a resume that can stand out.

The Office of Polar Careers and Services is pleased to announce NEW job and internship links that are available to your student on the Polar Careers website under Polar Careers Job Boards.

Your students can:
  1. Click on the major they want to review
  2. Click on the job/internship they are interested in
  3. Sign in with their ONU login and password
These links are updated in real time. Polar Careers hopes you enjoy this quick and easy way to find employment and internship opportunities. The office is dedicated to assisting students in developing Skills for Life. Our phone is 419-772-2145 for any questions and suggestions.

Getting Connected
Northern students volunteer


David MacDonald, coordinator of Get Connected ONU, also serves as the University's chaplain. He wants parents to know that students have a myriad of ways to volunteer for the betterment of our campus community:


At Ohio Northern University, students are getting connected to community service opportunities! When I first arrived on campus as the new chaplain in summer 2012, I had many one-to-one meetings to get to know the members of my new community. One of those meetings was held over a cup of chai latte at Northern on Main with Chris Burns Dibiasio, our president's wife and voluntary director of community relations. Chris had a vision that she presented to me at that meeting of creating a central location on campus, perhaps utilizing technology, where we could coordinate community service and volunteerism among our students, faculty and staff. Having come from a background of both serving in local church ministry and community organizing, I was immediately enthusiastic about Chris' idea and signed on to work with the project before my tea had cooled!



Out of that initial meeting emerged a plan to create Get Connected ONU, a new website launched in September 2013 that allows students to search online for volunteer opportunities. We have partnered with VolunteerMatch, a nonprofit that specializes in building volunteer management websites like Get Connected ONU. VolunteerMatch is nationally recognized as a leader in connecting businesses and educational institutions with volunteer opportunities in their local communities. Because of VolunteerMatch's proven track record of attracting good volunteer opportunities to their nationwide network, our students can search for opportunities to serve not only in Ada and the surrounding areas, but also among any one of the more than 96,000 volunteer organizations across the country. That means that your students can find opportunities to serve in their local communities even when they are home on breaks!

Read more.

'World Wide in Ada'
No Passport Required

Another expansion of relationship building lies within ONU's global community. Our international services coordinator, Jamienne Scott, shares how your students can achieve enrichment through cultural diversity:

With ONU's commitment to diversity, ONU students don't have to leave Ada to experience other cultures, develop lasting friendship with students from around the world, and increase their cultural competence (a highly sought-after trait in today's global economy).

In the past five years, ONU's international student population has more than doubled, and, this fall, we enrolled our highest number of international students - 213 students from more than 25 countries. These students have the opportunity to enrich ONU and Ada with their diverse cultural backgrounds and experiences.

We encourage ONU's domestic students to get to know our international students, and my role, as international services coordinator, is to make that very easy by creating opportunities to bring students together. I mention several programs below in which domestic students can engage with international students and support ONU's multicultural efforts:
  1. Polar Pals - This fall, ONU International Services, with the help of some active international student helpers, implemented a peer-mentorship program called Polar Pals. Through this program, current domestic students (and older international students) are paired with new international students to facilitate their transition to ONU and to serve as a resource and, most importantly, a friend throughout their first semester or first year of study.
Read more.

'Polar Parent Pride' 

... Sharing the experience!


"Our experience with ONU has been very gratifying. We visited six different colleges with our son Devin as he tried to decide where to attend. Ohio Northern University had and still has a very welcoming and peaceful feeling about it. It seemed that whenever we visited other schools and then discussed them, we always seemed to revert back to ONU.

Devin, since deciding to go to ONU, has enjoyed his experience with the University and all it has to offer. Devin has made a multitude of new friends and feels he is receiving the education that he will need to become a successful member of society.

My wife, Lisa, and I know that Devin is very happy with his choice. He is looking forward to the education that he will ultimately receive and the relationships he will make during his four years. For all of that, we are both excited and grateful!"

- Mitch and Lisa Carr, Newark, Ohio. The Carrs are parents of Devin, a freshman mechanical engineering student. They have just recently volunteered to join the ONU Parent Advisory Council.

"We had been visiting colleges, three private and one public, looking at pharmacy programs. The first time I drove onto the campus of ONU, I was stunned. The campus was beautiful, and I hoped our daughter, Jessica would love it as much. However, at first, she was all set to go to another university in a larger community. She was just not connecting with the smaller and more rural setting of ONU. So, when our last ONU visit was over, she wanted to go home, but I suggested she just take one last walk through a residence hall to see if anything would gel for her. An hour later, we had visited four rooms, met at least a dozen students, and they wanted Jessica as one of their own. They invited her to stay for dinner and a get-together on the Tundra to get the Polar Bear experience of family and fun. The rest, as they say, is history.

If your son or daughter is looking for an excellent education, great student life and a staff that cares about students (not just showing up to teach class), ONU is the place! This University becomes a home away from home, and the friends being made become family.

Jess is in her fourth semester (25 percent of the way home) of her PharmD program and knows SHE made the best choice by coming to ONU. She loves being a Polar Bear, and your son or daughter will, too!"

- Tom Keller, Mentor, Ohio. Tom has been a part of the ONU Parent Advisory Council, and his daughter Jessica is a second-year pharmacy student.

The Three (Polar) Bears
"It is possible that prospective students and their parents might hesitate to schedule an Ohio Northern college visit. The campus is in a rural setting. Invert that mindset. Go to ONU.

From the first visit, we were impressed by the charming campus. Our son has everything he needs within easy walking distance. The University made a conscious effort to include green space, fountains, ponds, trees ... truly endearing. It should also be said that, as parents, we always feel our son is safe at ONU or in the nearby village of Ada.

As to size and location, a few of the urban colleges we visited were enormous and ill-defined. (The porridge was too hot.) Others, while quaint, were quite small. (The porridge was too cold.)

Ohio Northern is ... just right."

- Bob and Leslie King, South Bend, Ind. The Kings are the parents of Calvin, a sophomore civil engineering student. The Kings enjoy the ONU Parent Council, and Bob likes photography, using ONU as a setting.

The promise of spring  





Compliments of ONU Polar Bear Dad Bob King
New Year, New Award Reminders

The Office of Financial Aid is busy with fine tuning the plans for awarding for the 2014-15 academic year. It is the time of year when parents with returning students need to be mindful and pro-active regarding the continuation of financial aid for another school year.


According to Melanie Weaver, ONU's Director of Financial Aid, later January and early February marks the time frame to begin work on the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) for 2014-15. The FAFSA is completed annually and again, well over 20 million families will be submitting forms nationally. Once, you as a parent, have your 2013 tax information, you can file as the new FAFSA became available in January. The aid office plans to prepare and send award notices for returning students in April.


The 2014-15 awards will be made available (after April) to continuing students through their Self Service Banner accounts. Parents, please prompt your student to check their account close to that time. Furthermore, if you have a student graduating in May and they have student loans, we encourage them to stop by the aid office to review their loan repayment planning. We will also provide additional loan information in upcoming newsletters. The Aid Office is here to help and provide both guidance and direct assistance.

In This Issue
Trending Now... Build a Career
Getting Connected
World Wide in Ada
Polar Parent Pride
The promise of spring
New Year, New Award Reminders

Hello from the ONU Office of Admissions! 


Greetings from the ONU Office of Admissions!


Along with efforts to increase positive communication University- and community-wide, we are trying to increase positive communication with prospective and admitted students and their families. This past spring, for the first time, we reached out to parents of current ONU students and asked them to write postcards to parents and families of admitted prospective students - and hopefully future Polar Bears! It is our hope to make them feel like one of the family.



If you would be willing to help us take on this wonderful endeavor and volunteer to write 10-20 postcards this coming spring, please contact Brenna Roy, admissions counselor, at with your name, address, current student and the best way to contact you. We look forward to hearing from you.

Your help is needed!

The Office of Student  

Involvement seeks parents

who would like to participate  

in a panel discussion for parents of incoming ONU students.  


These discussions would take place during Summer Orientation on June 13, 20 and 27 from approximately 2 to 3 p.m.  


The panels will provide opportunities for incoming parents to direct questions to those familiar with Northern and for existing parents to share their experiences.  


If you are interested or would like additional information, please contact Jennifer Lambdin
 at or  call 419-772-3968.





Help to Make us Proud!


There are several

actions you can take to strengthen the value

of the ONU experience. As parents, you have the unique perspective that can positively influence others toward the betterment of your student's home university. We encourage you to step up and participate in one or more of these important activities: 


* Your personal ONU

Polar Parent testimony

is of interest to others! Please share your good words with Karen Condeni
and she will find space in the Northern Parent Newsletter. It is so helpful to "share" the positive aspects of having a student at ONU! Your testimony of pride can be compelling and meaningful to others!

*The ONU
Parent Fund is another way you can help to keep the university advancing and staying competitive. Gifting is a tangible and tax deductible way of supporting our students and their education. Every gift


Your contribution can be made on-line by
*The ONU Parent Advisory Council is the volunteer "voice" representing the hundreds of parents out there who may have ideas and suggestions. If you have interest in becoming a part of this special council, a few openings routinely surface each year. Please email
Karen Condeni with your desire to volunteer and participate.