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Chemistry article published

ONU chemistry faculty, alumni and students have authored an article appearing in the Tetrahedron Letters.

“A two-step, single pot procedure for the synthesis of substituted dihydropyrazolopyrimidines,” reports on report a two-step, one pot tandem microwave-assisted reaction of 3-formylchromones with aminopyrazoles followed by a tin-free radical addition.

Dr. Jake R. Zimmerman, associate professor of chemistry, explains,  “A library of alkyl substituted dihydropyrazolopyrimidines was prepared using this new process. This class of compounds is known to have potential biological activities including anti-allergic, antiinflammatory, and anti-arthritic properties.”

The article was authored by Zimmerman, Dr. Brian J. Myers, associate professor of chemistry, Allison McCarthy, BS '13, Samantha Bouhall, BS '13, Olivia Johntony, a junior in biochemistry from Youngstown, Ohio, and  Dr. Madhuri Manpadi, former teacher-scholar post-doctoral associate.