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Healthy Horses encourage fitness

The Healthy Lifestyles Coalition of Hardin County envisions a stable of Healthy Hobby Horses that can prance into community events and encourage children to be physically fit. ONU’s Kami Fox, assistant professor of nursing, is helping that happen by creating the customized horses for community sponsors.

She explains, “My mom and I make the horses with customized colors and lettering that the buyer selects, but we reserve the creative right to pick the fabrics and trimmings. All horses have ‘Healthy Lifestyles Coalition’ embroidered on one side of the neck with the custom message on the other side.  The idea is to have a way for businesses to support the coalition with the donation of a horse for community events and allows the coalition to bring in a small amount of funds for purchases in the future.” The cost for each horse is $50 with $10 going to support the coalition’s programs.

The project is gaining support from the Lion's Club, the Optimist Club, churches and individuals. Groups and individuals interested in sponsoring a steed can email Fox or contact the Hardin County Health Department.

The Healthy Lifestyles Coalition is a group of community organizations and individuals in Hardin County committed to collaborating with the community to promote physical activity and good nutrition for families and youth. Fox is ONU’s representative to the group.