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SEMINAR October 30 - Invited Talk - Alexandra Coman (College of Engineering)


Dr. Alexandra Coman (College of Engineering)

  Diversity in Artificial-Intelligence Planning and Case-Based Reasoning: From Diverse Plans to Diverse Characters and Stories

Abstract. An emerging artificially-intelligent population is permeating our world. We are watching it come to life in a surreal, disconnected manner, its limbs and minds developed slowly in separate labs, an eye here, an arm there, somewhere else the ability to distinguish overlapping voices. Sprites residing in online environments already spend their time reading our minds and nudging us towards this or that product on e-commerce websites. They have relatives who learn, discern, compare, grade homework, translate written and spoken text (even providing the right speech inflections), drive vehicles (on roads, in races and war zones, and on extraterrestrial ground), and piece together narratives. Unsurprisingly, they also plan - i.e. project courses of action for executing tasks and reaching goals - thus demonstrating autonomy and decreasing the cognitive load burdening human planners. Our work is in the general area of Artificial-Intelligence Planning, with a special focus on Diversity. The ability to generate not just one solution, but a set of meaningfully-diverse solutions to the same problem helps artificial agents behave intelligently (by making use of diversity-aware-problem-solving capabilities), appear intelligent (by manifestly pursuing varied goals in varied ways), and, if not necessarily appear human, at least appeal to humans (by surprising, intriguing, enchanting).

Wednesday, October 30, MT 212, 3:00-3:50