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SEMINAR October 16 - Tommy Steinberger, Nathan Knodel, Bill Fuller

Wednesday, October 16, MT 212, 3:00-3:50

Tommy Steinberger - Laplace's equation - In this talk we discuss divergence, gradient, and alternative methods for finding solutions to Laplace's equation in one dimension as well as in two dimensions.  More specifically, we will find a solution to the aforementioned equation without having to solve second order partial differential equations by hand.  We will also describe the relation of this material to the field of physics.

Nathan Knodel - Scaling, Sneezes, and the Elephant's Trunk - We consider the problem of the length of the elephant’s trunk using tools from dimensional analysis.  Starting with a hypothesis concerning the dissipation of sneezes, and using the case of the elephant as an example, we are able to arrive at a law of nasal elongation.

Bill Fuller - Global Mathematics:  A Progress Report - This presentation gives a description of the Extradisciplinary Seminar being taught in the department and highlights some aspects of Babylonian mathematics that have been treated in the course.