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ONU represented at American Chemical Society meeting

ONU faculty and students from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry took part in the National American Chemical Society meeting, held Sept. 8-10 in Indianapolis, Ind.

The Student Members of the American Chemical Society (SMACS) group at ONU was awarded a travel grant from the national ACS organization and the ONU SMACS group provided additional support to ONU students attending the meeting.  

Two faculty members presented talks in the “Creative Approaches to Physical Chemistry Instruction” session.  Dr. Trilisa M. Perrine presented a talk entitled “Learning by teaching: Student designed physical chemistry demonstrations” and Dr. Jeff Gray presented a talk entitled “Fluorescence spectroscopy of molecular iodine using diode-pumped solid-state lasers.”

The following poster presentations were given by ONU students, faculty members and teaching-research post-doctoral fellow (the presenter is marked with a *):
“Substituent effects on the band gap and donor ability of porphyrin-based systems for polymeric OPV applications: A computational analysis” Morgan A. Hammer*, Zachary L. Dunn, Benjamin J. Topham, and Trilisa M. Perrine

“Effects of various linker moieties in porphyrin polymers for use in organic photovoltaic devices: A computational investigation” Zachary L Dunn*, Morgan A Hammer, Ashley C Ernst, Benjamin J Topham, and Trilisa M Perrine

“Molecular orbitals and transport properties of porphyrin derivatives for molecular electronics: A computational study” Benjamin J Topham*, Zachary L Dunn, Morgan A Hammer, Sarah Zinn and Trilisa M Perrine

“ Intramolecular charge transfer and excited state processes in donor-bridge-acceptor compounds with paired linearly conjugated or cross-conjugated pathways” Nicole M Dickson (Karn)*, Wade C.W. Leu and C. Scott Hartley

“Synthesis of eugenol based monomers for ring opening metathesis polymerization” Tyler R. Tewilliager* and Amelia M Anderson-Wile

“Analyzing dissolved phosphorus in freshwater systems: A novel method” Joanne M Berry and Christopher E Spiese

“Spectroscopic exploration of the structure-function relationship of geometry on intramolecular charge transfer in cross-conjugated molecules”  Courtney M Olson* and Nicole M Dickson (Karn)

“Cationic polymerization of β-pinene with [[Ph3C][B(C6F5)4]] and methyl stearate”  Kevin C Ledden* and Amelia M Anderson-Wile

“Microwave-assisted multistep single pot procedure for the synthesis of a library of substituted aminopyrazole chromones carried out in green solvents”  Olivia Johntony*, Jake R Zimmerman, Brian J Myers, Samantha Bouhall and Allison McCarthy

“Bidentate imine ligands derived from polyethylene glycol framework”  Lindsay C. Wiener* and Bradley M Wile

The following members of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry attended the meeting (those who presented are marked with a *):
Dr. Amelia Anderson-Wile
Dr. Tevye Celius
Dr. Nicole Karn*
Dr. Jeff Gray*
Dr. Brian Myers
Dr. Trilisa M. Perrine*
Dr. Ron Peterson
Dr. Bradley Wile
Dr. Jake Zimmerman

Teaching-Scholar Post-doc:
Dr. Benjamin Topham

Joanne Berry (Senior)*
Zachary Dunn (Senior)*
Morgan Hammer (Senior)*
Olivia Johntony (Junior)*
Kevin Ledden (Senior)*
Courtney Olson (Senior)*
Laila Oudean (Senior)
Sarah May (Senior)
Tyler Tewilliager (Senior)*
Lindsay Wiener (Senior)*