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Ohio Northern University mathematics professors recognized

Sep 3, 2013

Two Ohio Northern University professors of mathematics, Khristo Boyadzhiev and Mihai Caragiu, have been named to a list of the Top 25 STEM college professors in Ohio by, in conjunction with partner website

The two sites set out to find post-secondary educators who had been recognized recently for excellence in the classroom, on campus and in the community. is a nonprofit organization that builds free, open-source tools with the goal of increasing accessibility to education and information through the use of new technologies.

The Mathematical Association of America honored Boyadzhiev in 2013 for his “analytical approach that mixes combinatorics and analysis.” Caragiu teaches a wide range of courses across the math curriculum, including calculus for engineers and has 11 journal publications with undergraduate students as co-authors."

All of the Ohio professors on the list are celebrated for achievement in teaching, mentoring and conducting researchin their STEM specialty. Some direct research teams at university labs or mentor graduate students who are preparing for their college careers. Others pioneer their own inquiries into fields like information technology, astronomy, mathematics, biotechnology or nuclear science. strives to provide Ohio citizens with information about alternative post-secondary educational options, as well as information and advice regarding career choices in the state. While it recognizes the importance of traditional colleges and universities, understands that the landscape of education is changing and works to suit the needs of a broader student base.