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Students present papers at summer conferences

This summer engineering education students co-authored and presented papers at national conferences.  

Four papers were presented at the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Annual Conference in Atlanta, Ga., in June.  David Reeping, a sophomore from Richfield, Ohio, and Liz Spingola, a senior from Butler, Pa., presented “Development of a First-Year Engineering Course Classification Scheme” which discussed the results of an NSF-funded project to classify any Introduction to Engineering (or similar) course.

Spingola presented “Engineering within K-12 from the Teacher’s Perspective: Effectively Integrating Engineering Activities Tied to Educational Standards” on a series of summer workshops to introduce STEM activities into area middle and high schools, and Tyler Hertenstein, a junior from St. Marys, Ohio, presented “Bachelor of Science in Engineering Education: Differentiating from Traditional Education and Engineering Disciplines” on the unique characteristics of the Bachelor of Science program in Engineering Education at Ohio Northern.  

The three students also presented “Introducing Engineering into the Dominican Republic Classroom: Teacher Workshops” with results of first-ever STEM-based teacher workshops in the Dominican Republic, with Engineering Dean Eric Baumgartner joining during the question and answer period. All of these papers were co-authored by Kenneth Reid, program director of engineering education.

Reeping presented “An Engineering Education Initiative: Development of a STEM Mathematics Textbook,” covering the status of a mathematics textbook under development to use authentic engineering and technology examples in high school.  He has formed a teacher advisory board of teachers throughout the state, and is conducting a Delphi study to refine the scope of the proposed text to be written by Reeping and Reid.