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‘Garbage Cannes’ in online competition

“Garbage Cannes,” an essay by Dr. Claude Clayton “Bud” Smith, ONU professor of English emeritus, is a finalist in the new internet PhoneFiction Competition for previously published essays and short stories. PhoneFiciton is a small digital press in affiliation with The Ohio State University and the Urban Arts Space: Idea Labs.

“Garbage Cannes” won first place in  Off-Script: Writers on the Influence of Cinema, an anthology from Calavera Press.  It was also published in the Still Point Arts Quarterly and has appeared on the web in the Marco Polo Journal.

At the bottom of each story is a voting booth. The story or essay with the best rating—calculated by a few factors, including how often the entire story is read all the way through and then 'liked'—will win the Readers’ Choice Award of $500. And the piece with the best rating gets one more perk: the literary journal to first publish the story will be awarded $1000.

In addition, Smith is presenting programs about two of his children’s books at the Racine Library. The Little Golden Books, The Cow and the Elephant (Western Publishing, 1983) and The Gull That Lost the Sea (Western, 1984; Beanpole Books, 2008), are prt of the library’s 70th anniversary celebration of the publication of Little Golden Books by Western Publishing of Racine, Wis. The library has collected one copy of every Golden Book ever published, plus is displaying much of the original artwork.

Smith explains, “The Cow and the Elephant is a sing-along book. I'll be explaining to the children how the book was inspired by toys that my son received for Christmas as a four-year-old. Then I'll teach them the song and have some fun with the translations, as The Cow and the Elephant has been translated into Danish, Swedish, French and Chinese.

"Next I'll explain how I came to write the story of The Gull That Lost the Sea, when my younger son was just a toddler. That book, too, was translated into French and later marketed among the All-Time Golden Favorites."

He says, "I've been doing this program for years, in a variety of states, most recently at the beginning of June at the School for Young Children, which is part of St. Joseph University, in Hartford, Conn., where Anne Lippert served as interim provost several years ago."