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July 2013


July 2013

Northern Parent News

Welcome to ONU's latest resource for our parents and families. We hope that this newsletter will provide up-to-date information and a one-stop look at the topics impacting you.

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Finding time for service

At Ohio Northern, students have a multitude of opportunities to be of service to others. Chris Burns-DiBiasio, director of community relations, shares details about this important quality of campus and community life:

There is such a rich history of service and civic engagement at Ohio Northern University. When he founded ONU in 1871, Henry Solomon Lehr envisioned a University where its graduates would take their skills and knowledge out into the community, region, nation and the world to serve the greater society.

ervice and giving back are important parts of who we are today at ONU. Our service mission is really a part of the broader educational mission. While we want our students to be successful and make significant contributions to their professions, we also encourage them to be actively involved in their communities and work to make those communities better places.


Balancing communication ... Parents can help

Adriane Thompson-Bradshaw, vice president of student affairs, has worked with parents and students for more than 26 years at ONU. She offers insight on establishing healthy relationships during a special time in family's life - those important college years:

As you are enjoying the fleeting weeks of summer, you are undoubtedly preparing for fall and all that comes with it. For students, fall means going back to school. Whether your student is new to college or a returning college student, you as a parent can play a vital role in their success. Here are some thoughts on how to be a supportive part of your student's college experience.

The college years are filled with friends, fun and excitement, but there also can be moments of indecision, disappointment and lots of hard work. A solid support system is very important, and parents can be the foundation of that support. Staying connected with your student, yet allowing your student enough space and independence to make decisions and work through challenges, is an optimal goal. Staying in regular contact is a good idea, and today there are more ways to keep in touch than ever. Whether you connect through text message, Twitter, Facebook or even the actual phone conversation, the important thing is to find the balance between "I wonder if my parents still love me?" and "Mom, we just talked two hours ago."

You may not always get an instant response from your student, but he/she will know you want to stay in contact, and there will be appreciation for you reaching out, too.


Money Matters most   

The start of fall semester will be here very soon. It is time to begin preparing to pay the tuition bill balance and getting your student ready to begin classes. Melanie Weaver, ONU's director of financial aid, provides a quick list of actions you will want to take in advance of the start of classes:

  • View your student's tuition bill
  • Make sure your student has viewed and accepted their financial aid award notice
  • Decide on method of payment; some require additional steps
  • Waive student health insurance


Study Abroad: All the difference for your student

Dr. Brian Keas, assistant vice president of academic affairs, coordinates the study abroad opportunities on the ONU campus. He shares some timely advice for parents who may want to encourage their student to take advantage of the world as a classroom:

One of the most enjoyable parts of my day begins when a student walks in asking about study abroad options. We talk about the student's major and interest, and what he or she hopes to achieve overseas. After discussing a wide variety of educational experiences possible and the countries, languages, housing and cultural opportunities, the obvious question arises, "Can I afford to study abroad?"

For most students, the cost can be similar to studying on campus. Providing a definitive answer regarding costs during this first meeting becomes complex due to varied costs by program type and location. It becomes complicated further by the student's scholarships and aid structure. So, after visiting the Study Abroad Office, your student can obtain more information by talking with a counselor in the financial aid office. Ultimately though, I think the best answer is, "You cannot afford not to study abroad."


ONU parent shares good news

 Polar Parent Pride:

"Kyle and I owe so much to Ohio Northern University. ONU is smaller, family-oriented and so supportive. From the president to residence life, ONU has been excellent. I have always felt so comfortable with Kyle being at ONU. Whenever I had a question, I always got an answer. I am very proud of Kyle and his hard work these past four years. His dedication to academics and athletics has given him an edge in life. I am happy to say that he had three job offers and chose to go with an engineering firm in Columbus, Ohio. Please know how grateful and proud I am to have a son who is now a graduate of ONU."

Michelle Wrentmore, Cleveland - mother of Kyle Wrentmore, BSCE '13, and Parent Advisory Group member

"We are very proud alumni who are interested in the continued growth and improvements of the University - academically, physically and socially. In our opinion, there is such uniqueness to the experience you receive at Ohio Northern University. With that in mind, we plan to share that with any other parents and their future students who may attend ONU. We can provide input not only from being former students but also as parents of a current student."

Mariellen (McKinney), BSPh '91, and Kevin Warvell, BSBA '90, New Castle, Pa. - parents of Ericka Warvell, a senior majoring in exercise physiology

Submit an ONU Polar Parent Testimony! Sharing your good news and student pride is an excellent way of connecting with other parents! Please feel free to offer that positive ONU shout-out to Karen Condeni.

All about careers

Justin Courtney and Nancy Sheely of ONU's Office of Polar Careers share several links to important information to help students find career success. Better informed parents can assist and encourage their students with actions to take and trends to monitor:


Mark your calendar

Move-in for new students - Aug. 22

Move-in for returning students - Aug. 25

New Student Convocation - Aug. 22

Fall semester classes begin - Aug. 26

Family day - Sept. 21

Fall break - Oct. 14-15

Homecoming - Oct. 18-20

Thanksgiving recess - Nov. 25-29

Last day of finals - Dec. 20

Spring semester classes begin - Jan. 13

Spring break - March 3-7

Easter recess - April 18-21

Honors Day - April 26

Last day of finals - May 9

Commencement - May 11

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Parents needed!


Greetings from the ONU Office of Admissions!

As always, we are trying to more effectively reach out to prospective and admitted students. An idea this past year really sparked a great project that we would like to put in effect annually. We are reaching out to you, as current parents, to help us.

Parents are an important factor in helping their students decide which college is an excellent fit. We need your help in writing postcards to the parents and families of admitted students and, hopefully, future Polar Bears! If you are willing to volunteer to write 10-20 postcards this next spring, please contact Brenna Roy, admissions counselor, at with your name, address, current student and the best way to contact you.