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HPJ Majors and Minors

History | Political Science | Social Studies | Asian Studies | Geography | Public History/Museum Studies



ONU offers a bachelor of arts in history. A major in history prepares students for careers in teaching, law, journalism, information management, government service, business, and any other profession that requires verbal skill and analytical reasoning. A history major in combination with a minor in public history/museum studies prepares students to move into entry level positions as a museum curator, museum administrator, or public historian.

All of the History faculty hold the Ph.D. or other advanced degrees. Faculty research and teaching interests include Ancient, Medieval, Modern European, Colonial American, Modern American, East Asian, Caribbean, African, African-American, and Sport History. The History faculty emphasize research and writing and encourage students to present their findings at professional meetings.

Our History majors have consistently gone onto graduate school in history, law school, teaching, and graduate study in museums and archives.


Political Science

ONU offers a bachelor of arts in political science, as well as a minor in the subject. A major in political science with a concentration in either American politics or international politics prepares students for careers in law, journalism, information management, government service, and business. The concentration that a student chooses will reflect his or her career goals and interests. The student must complete the major courses, the other required courses and either the American politics concentration or the international politics concentration to complete the political science major. The credit hours listed above include the credit hours required for the concentration.

All members of the Political Science faculty hold PhDs. Faculty research and teaching interests include American Government, State and Local Politics, and International Relations, Comparative Politics, as well as courses on Interest Groups, the Electoral College, and Conflict Resolution. The political science faculty emphasizes writing and encourages students to present their research at professional meetings.

Recent graduates have gone to graduate school in Political Science and law school. Others have begun careers in government, public policy, and electoral politics.


Social Studies

ONU offers a bachelor of arts in social studies. The Social Studies major prepares students for careers in secondary educatio, and for graduate school. Students who take this major receive a broad background in the social studies, including history, political science, economics, geography, psychology, anthropology and sociology, as well as training in professional education techniques. The social studies major with other required coursework meets the curriculum and experience requirements for the Integrated social studies (grades 7-12) teaching license for the state of Ohio. There are special departmental advisors for teacher licensure. Completion of the social studies major also completes the requirements for a second major in history.

Faculty research and teaching interests include Modern US, East Asian, Sport History, and the use of sport to teach the Social Studies.

The Social Studies major emphasizes students combining classroom content with practical experience, and student teaching experiences are offered in nearby high schools or even in international schools.


Asian Studies

ONU offers a Minor in Asian Studies, with a core of two years in either Chinese or Japanese, two history courses (either in Japanese or East Asian History), and Contemporary Asia. The final three courses are electives from the areas described above.

The Asian Studies Minor offers students the opportunity to explore the cultures of this important area. Coursework can be taken in history, geography, music, religion, philosophy, business, and in sociology. ONU also offers language classes in Chinese and Japanese. The Asian Studies Minor emphasizes language acquisition through coursework or study abroad opportunities. Faculty who teach in the minor have advanced degrees, or are native speakers in the language they teach. This minor is vital for students who wish to work and live in Asia, as a student, teacher or entrepreneur.



ONU offers a minor in geography with options in area studies and geographic information systems. The geography minor provides students with the ability to apply geographical concepts to their majors. Students may choose to concentrate on area studies or geographic information systems. Area studies emphasizes the exploration of cultural systems from around the world. GIS emphasizes learning and applying techniques used by geographers to map data from various sources. The minor is useful for students in a wide variety of majors, including business, criminal Justice

Faculty who teach in the minor have their Ph.D.s in geography, history, or political science. Faculty teaching and research interests include practical use of GIS, Russia and the Soviet Union, Water and Conflict in Asia, and Historical GIS.


Public History/Museum Studies

ONU offers a minor in public history/museum studies. The public history minor exposes students to the techniques and practices that will allow graduates to work in museums, for the National Park Service, for state historical societies, or in other public history careers. Students have the opportunity to choose between the managerial track, which prepares them to operate the business side of a museum, and the curatorial track, which prepares them to work with historical collections and teaches the techniques of creating exhibits.

As part of this minor, students must complete a Public Service Internship, working in a museum, at a state historical society, or the like. Recent students have interned with the North Dakota Historical Society, the Erie (PA) County Historical Society, and at the Smithsonian Institution. Faculty research and teaching interests include material culture, popular music, sport history, and oral history.