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11 students, 6 speakers, 3 ½ days, 1 city: Executive Classroom – Chicago

Having recently graduated from The James F. Dicke College of Business Administration, I am about to enter a new phase in my life. Chosen to participate in the course, Executive Classroom, I had the opportunity to converse with prestigious executives. Each provided valuable information; information that will lead to future success.

Considering the relatively high unemployment rate, in an effort to obtain full-time employment, it is largely dependent upon who you know, NOT what you know. Therefore, each speaker addressed the importance of networking. In fact, a few utilized individuals in their network to secure their position. Having formulated connections, you must present a stellar resume. Karen Swinehart of AT&T provided a series of tools to ensure our resume stands out amongst the rest. Having submitted your resume, you must perform well in an interview. Wasfi Bsisu of JP Morgan Chase explained what type of individuals managers look to hire. Having accepted a job offer, Dan Yuska and Lee Twarling justified the importance of experience. Possessing limited experience, most college graduates start their career in an entry-level position. More often than not, this entry-level position is not what is to be expected. There will be times in which you have to perform tasks you may consider beneath you. Nevertheless, it is important to complete such task to the best of your ability and with a smile upon your face. In the end, a positive attitude will go far. Ultimately, at this stage in our life, there is no such thing as a career mistake, as you are obtaining experience that can transcend you into another position. Prior to having accepted a job offer, you may want to assess the benefits package. Anmarie Kolinski of Harbor Capital Advisors showed us how to plan for our future, financially. Although graduates must begin repaying their student loans, it is crucial to invest in your 401(K). Moreover, problems will arise within each and every profession. Anthony Rajukumar of Cook Country Hospital provided insight into the problems he has faced; having been there for only 9 weeks. It was eye opening. Finally, David Hughes of On Target Performance Group explained that one mustn’t be afraid of change. In fact, he had spent time working abroad.

In the end, I believe Executive Classroom to be the best course that The James F. Dicke College of Business Administration offers! As stated earlier, I received valuable information; information that I am sure will lead to my future success! Moreover, I was able to escape the cornfields of Ada and immerse myself in the skyscrapers of Chicago. For 3 ½ days, students experienced what life would be like within the city, from obtaining blisters on their feet from walking a series of blocks to enjoying the various types of food and attractions. The city of Chicago has something for everyone!

Overall, I encourage each and every student to enroll in this course. Executive Classroom – Chicago is one in which I will never forget!


Written By: Leslie Smith