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Hey everyone!

My name is Terryn Turner and I am a recent graduate from the DCBA with my BSBA in Business Management. I have been given the opportunity to blog about the wonderful night we had at Second City comedy club during our last night in Chicago. We were fortunate enough to have an exclusive behind the scenes tour of the facility, prior to the show, and also receive a lesson on the history of Second City by a tour guide named Austin, who was an acting intern. He had a ton of knowledge and enthusiasm which made us all feel welcome and eager to learn about the club. The improv show included 6 actors (3 males and 3 females), live music, and minor props. We had front row seats where even a few ONU alumni joined in with the live entertainment. The skits the actors performed were HILARIOUS!! I know a few things they said may have went over the head of some of the older audience members, but we Polar Bears got every joke they made. Professor Lambdin even got to participate on stage with the actors during a skit. Overall, it was an amazing night to just relax and enjoy the improv show, but also to enjoy each other, Professor Lambdin, the Govekars, Dacy Wilcox, and former Polar Bears.

I encourage all students to take advantage of this opportunity because it was definitely worth every ounce of my energy and time!

Loyal forever, to dear ONU.

Written By: Terryn TurnerĀ