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ImageRyan Sabol here, coming to you live from Chicago (a.k.a. Chi-town, the Windy City…’da Bears)

Last night my colleagues and I had the amazing privilege (amongst all of the other great privileges we’ve had so far this week) of attending a networking event with Ohio Northern University alumni.

This was a great opportunity for all of us to get to chat one-on-one, or in a small group, with professionals who have had similar experiences to ours in terms of schooling and starting a career.  Being able to interact with these alumni was very beneficial to us all.  All of them have become very successful and impressive leaders in their respective fields and thus were able to give us insight as to how we can do the same thing as we enter into our careers.

Another great thing about last night was that the alumni who attended the event are working in a variety of different areas of business including, but not limited to: finance, marketing, legal counsel, and accounting.  This gave us a chance to get a first-hand idea of all the different tasks and considerations involved in a real world, “big-time”, business setting.  It was also nice to have an eclectic group of businessmen and women because we also have a variety of majors and interests as students.

Overall, it was a great experience to be able to network with all of the great alumni that were generous enough to spend their time with us last night.  We were all able to hear great advice from the alumni, share stories with them, hear about their experiences, and have a great time socializing too.  I would also like to mention and give thanks to the fantastic Mexican restaurant called Adobo, where the event was held. Not only did we have wonderful service from the staff, but we were also served a plethora of different and delicious foods.  If all of that wasn’t enough, the restaurant was located right next door to the famous Second City comedy club, where we all went, along with some alumni, and laughed harder than we ever have in our lives at an incredible improv show.

It was a truly great night of beneficial networking and immensely enjoyable fellowship.

Written By: Ryan Sabol