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Today, everyone woke up bright and early to make their way to the Deloitte building, where students recapped the trip thus far with the professors. Students talked about what they learned from the previous meetings and gained new perspective on various topics by having an open discussion. One topic of interest was socioeconomic class. When visiting the Cook County Hospital, the group of us passed through a clinic waiting room, where it was apparent that most of the individuals there were in a lower socioeconomic class. Some of us felt uncomfortable, some of us felt that those in the waiting room felt uncomfortable; hence the discussion of how to bridge the gap between classes. 

David Hughes, from On Target Performance Group, joined us later in the morning and gave some insight on this discussion. In his career, he has had clients from businesses who are of different socioeconomic class. When he had to meet with these individuals in person, he did research the business or asked what their dress code was. If their dress code was casual, he would wear something professional, yet more casual than a suit. This helped bridge the gap between the classes and helped both parties feel more at ease. 

Additionally, David Hughes talked about another important topic: Costing. Specifically, he discussed Activity Based Costing: a financial methodology that allows businesses to better define the cost of their products, services, customers, suppliers, and processes. At On Target Performance Group, David analyzes his clients financials and helps them find areas in which they could improve or change to save money. Often, Activity Based Costing is used to do this. 

After the discussion was over, David allowed students to ask him questions. Being an alumni of Ohio Northern, it was asked what he wished ONU had taught him to better prepare him for his career. He mentioned that international exposure and learning a second language would have been beneficial in his career. While it was not as popular when he was in college, studying abroad is an option to current students at ONU. He talked about the importance of taking opportunities, such as studying abroad, to better educate yourself and to have international exposure. 

We would like to thank David Hughes for meeting with our group of students, not only as an ONU alumni, but as a successful business professional. He provided us with valuable information that will help guide us in our professional careers and future lives as professionals.