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It is the end of day two in Chicago for the Executive Leadership Classroom. Tonight a few of us went to dinner and a show. We went to the Rockit Bar & Grill, about a block down from our hotel. It was recommended that we try a burger, so we all did. The burgers, fries, and service were excellent and exactly what I expected from Chicago. Luckily, the price was reasonable as well for the area we are staying.

Next, we made our way to the Bank of America theatre where we were seeing the Book of Mormon. Since it was such a nice night, we decided to walk instead of taking the subway. Not only are we better able to see the city and what all it has to offer, but we also got to work off the large amount of food we had just eaten. I have walked down State Street a couple times now and I continue to see new things each time. The way we see it, walking definitely gave us a better experience.

Our small group made it to the theatre about 20 minutes before the show started, which is about perfect timing. We were able to get into the small theatre with ease and get right to our seats. The Bank of America theatre is a very nice theatre with what appears to be a lot of history. The detail inside was absolutely beautiful. Being that it was a small theatre, there was not a lot of room in the lobby area. Therefore, it was fairly crowded and we only saw one booth for purchasing Book of Mormon memorabilia.

Once in our seats, we took the opportunity to peruse the Playbill to familiarize ourselves with the cast and production. It was nice to see the diversity of people in the theatre. After spending most of the day in the business district, it was comforting to see so many people going to the theatre. With theatre of this caliber being more scarce in the surrounding Ada area, it was nice to get to experience it in a big city such as Chicago. The show itself was a very good show. Although it was not exactly what I was expecting, it was funny and lively. There were a lot of modern day references to be attentive to throughout the show. After the show, I took a quick picture outside the theatre with the poster to document I was actually there. This provides a much cheaper souvenir than purchasing an actual item from the Book of Mormon booth.

Always remember “tomorrow is a latter day” (Elder Cunningham, Book of Mormon)

Written By: Kelsey Bryan