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Our second stop of the day was at J.P. Morgan-Chase located downtown. Learning to navigate through the city was a first for many of us. The Chase building was slightly overwhelming, where each guest had to check-in with a photo ID to be allowed to pass by security. After accustoming ourselves to the fast-paced culture, we made our way up to the 56th floor of the building to meet with a group of leaders: Wasfi Bsisu, Ramajana Miller, and Pamela Langdon.

We discussed several different subjects while at J.P. Morgan-Chase.  Aaron Burr founded the company in 1799.  In 2012, J.P. Morgan Chase did over $19 billion in revenue.  They are an international company with over 260,000 employees.  There are four major segments to their business: consumer and community banking, asset management, commercial banking and corporate investment banking.

Mr. Bsisu, a manager at the company, discussed what he looks for while hiring people.  As recent graduates and seniors in college, we appreciated the advice he gave us.  He expressed the need to be up front and honest with a potential employer and the need to go outside your comfort zone.  And although employers want employees to be proactive, young employees need to make sure not to get ahead of themselves.  Just because you understand how to do a task, does not make you a master at it.

J.P. Morgan did have a few interesting ideas.  As our world is becoming more automated, J.P. Morgan-Chase chooses to keep human interaction in the equation.  Even though a large part of their approval system for mortgages is automated, they believe a person cannot be truly judged until they are seen face to face.  Numbers can be fictitious, but character is hard to fake.

Overall, today was a very busy day.  It started early and will most likely end late.  Although we have only been here a short time, Chicago has been a blast and I can’t wait to experience more of the city as the week progresses.

Written By: Ann Marie Densmore