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Professor named Distinguished Technology and Engineering Professional

David Rouch, professor and chair of the Department of Technological Studies at Ohio Northern University, was honored with theDistinguished Technology and Engineering Professional award (DTE) at the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA) conference in Columbus, Ohio, on March 8.

The prestigious award is presented to technology educators who have demonstrated a high level of competence and conscientiousness in the field of technology and engineering education. ITEEA’s DTE designation is a coveted mark of distinction in technology and engineering education.

Consideration for the award is based on documented evidence of leadership/management skills, continuing participation in association education programs, and demonstration of leadership in association, community and personal activities.

Rouch currently serves as a member of the ITEEA’s board of directors and as the director of ITEEA’s Region 2, which includes the states of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan and the provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

ITEEA created the DTE program to provide a means for recognizing outstanding performance and accomplishments in the field of professional technology and engineering education. As one of the highest honors for professional achievement in technology and engineering education, the DTE designation recognizes the attainments of technology and engineering educators.

The DTE program acknowledges the essential principles of adult learning. It incorporates into the process recognition and credit for work experiences and other accomplishments. The program recognizes those areas of technology and engineering education the DTE Board has determined to be most reflective of successful professional attainment.