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Crawford and Schuck publish essays

Two ONU professors, Ray Schuck, visiting assistant professor of history, and Russ Crawford, associate professor of history, have contributed essays to “American History Through American Sports: From Colonial Lacrosse to Extreme Sports,” published by ABC-CLIO Praeger in 2012.

Schuck contributed an essay titled "Reopening the Curtain on Rugby in America."  Schuck, the faculty adviser for ONU's mens' and womens' ruby club teams, wrote about how U.S. National Rugby Teams defeated international competition in the 1920s, but interest in the sport waned as the Olympics did away with it as an event.  Rugby's popularity is, however, on the rise again.

Crawford contributed the first essay in the three volume set titled "America Plays: Sports in Colonial Times” that traces the development of American sports as played by Native Americans, the four main British immigrant groups and African slaves. The essays incorporate U.S. history with sport history.

Crawford has published several entries, articles, and his own book “The Use of Sport to Promote the American Way of Life During the Cold War: Cultural Propaganda, 1946-1963" published in 2008 by the Edwin Mellen Press.

This volume is the second compilation that Schuck and Crawford have published chapters or essays in during the past year.  A few months ago, Schuck and his son, Raymond I Schuck, edited and contributed chapters, and Crawford also contributed a chapter, in “Do You Believe in Rock and Roll: Essays on Don McLean's American Pie.”