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Message to Parents

These articles address issues that we feel may be of interest to you as you work through the important process of selecting a college.  This will be a dynamic set that we hope to update as we find new articles.  The majority of them have been published in various journals that, probably, are not on the reading list of the general public.  We hope that you find them helpful.

Ohio Northern University's College of Engineering is a member of Mentor Net. Studying and earning an engineering degree is tough!  Mentor Net is another way of providng ONU engineering undergraduates with additional support to help them succeed. Engineering students are matched with a mentor who is a practicing professional. These engineers volunteer their time in order to give back something to his/her  profession. Linking engineering students with mentors who have "been there and done that" can often help students see something in a new light, or the mentor may simply be someone with similar interests the student can speak to on an as needed basis.