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ooVoo FAQs



Frequently Asked Questions

What is ooVoo?

ooVoo is a high quality video conferencing service that enables people around the world to collaborate with each other via the internet. Features include the ability to share computer desktops, record conferences, send video messages, chat and share files.


Why use ooVoo?

ooVoo offers students, faculty and staff a sustainable collaboration tool that saves time, money and the environment. While a complete listing of all possible uses would be nearly impossible, the following are prime examples for three specific audiences.



Students can: 1) connect with family and friends while away at school, 2) form study groups among students regardless of physical location, 3) collaborate with professors and/or professionals at internship locations, etc.
Faculty can: 1) bring guest speakers into the classroom without the expense associated with presenters who must be brought to campus physically, 2) provide virtual office hours without the need to be physically present, 3) collaborate with students and other professionals in the field who work with ONU students, etc.
Staff can: 1) conduct interviews with candidates for whom it would be too expensive to bring to campus, 2) stay in touch with students and faculty who are traveling, 3) market the University in unique ways to audiences who are at a distance, etc.

How is ooVoo being offered at ONU?

The premium version of ooVoo is being offered for FREE with advertising. The ONU community must register with their account annually. This premium version allows users to do the following.

  1. Participate in video conferences of up to 12 people
  2. Send files up to 25 MB in size
  3. Share their desktops
  4. Record videoconferences
  5. Record and send video messages

What devices, platforms and operating systems will work with ooVoo?

ooVoo works well on many devices, platforms and operating systems, including Android and iOS (Apple) phones, iPads, most Android Tablets, Windows PCs and Apple Macintoshes. Note: Desktop sharing works on Windows PC and Macs.

What if I want the advertisements removed?

Purchasing the ooVoo Premium plan for $29.99/year will remove the advertisements and give you an annual subscription to ooVoo.