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November 2012


November 2012
Northern Parent News


Welcome to ONU's latest resource for our parents and families. We hope that this newsletter will provide up-to-date information and a one-stop look at the topics impacting you.

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I owe who?

Much attention has been given to college costs and to the debt loads of college students. Numerous articles have focused on not only the multi-billion dollars of debt nationally, but also the default rates. ONU has a most positive trend to share:


The most recent default rate for federal student loans for Ohio Northern University is at 1 percent. The most recent national averages are well into the 9 percent range. ONU's cohort rate means that 99 percent of loans in repayment (that are not deferred or in forbearance) are being repaid. ONU students (and their parents) are true leaders in managing debt obligations. The strong reputational career paths of Northern graduates are helping to gainfully engage opportunities in the marketplace. Talk with your student about borrowing only what is truly needed and work with the aid office on a debt management plan. Responsible and well-educated borrowers will be better prepared for repayment. Keeping default rates low is a hallmark of ONU's commitment to future borrowers.

Well balanced  

Students have asked for it, and ONU Dining Services is delivering! Healthy Meal Options supporting Healthy Lifestyles are being started on campus. The ONU Dining Service has recently implemented two new initiatives to help students when it comes to their daily on-campus meal choices. The new "Balanced Plate" offers twice-daily meals that stay within the food pyramid guideline, including portion size and nutritional content. Nutritional information is now displayed on all serving lines.


Seasonal cut fruit is available at more than one location in the dining hall, and the deli area has added low-fat mayo and low-fat American cheese. The grill offers whole-grain buns, and angel food cake is now a low-fat dessert option. Additionally, the salad bar has sugar-free gelatin and puddings. Efforts will be made to continue to provide alternatives for various tastes and dietary needs.


A new feature on the McIntosh Center's Facebook page is the ability to check daily menus in the dining center. 


Encourage your student to maintain a good nutritional plan. Northern is helping!

Polar Parent Pride - Current ONU parents share

"As an engineering major and a member of the varsity basketball team, my son has had many positive experiences at ONU. The fact that he has access to his professors at almost any time is what he appreciates most. As a parent, I have had the pleasure of dealing with ONU staff, especially in the financial aid office. I was and am still amazed by the way the financial aid office gave such personal assistance throughout Kyle's four years at ONU. No email or phone call went unanswered. The personal touch at ONU is what I like most. The interactions with people at Ohio Northern help parents feel safe and secure when leaving their student on campus."

Michelle Wrentmore - mother of Kyle Wrentmore, a senior civil engineering major


"It is hard to believe that my daughter, Ellen, will be finishing her sixth year of pharmacy this spring. When she entered ONU in 2007, her mom and I were as excited and yet uncertain as our new freshman was. Through this time, we have seen her confidence grow as well as her intellect. She has gained much experience in the classroom and by working in a variety of clinical settings during her rotations. Her mother and I are very proud of the professional young woman she has become!"

Bruce Hazelet - father of Ellen Hazelet, a sixth-year pharmacy student


"From day one, ONU has been a positive experience not only for our son, who has attained his 'dream job,' but also for his younger sibling who chose ONU! Shayla has simply blossomed at ONU and has found her passion working with the faculty, staff and campus organizations. She is empowered by the education and experiences afforded her at ONU. The sky is the limit! As parents, we cannot be happier for our children. They have both become competent young adults thanks to a great start at ONU. Northern has opened up a world to our family that we thank our lucky stars for daily."

Dawn Moyer - mother of Austin Moyer, BSME '11, and Shayla Moyer, a senior management major


Stay tuned for more parent comments in future newsletters! If you want to contribute to "Polar Parent Pride," contact Karen Condeni, special assistant to the president, at We would love to share the good words!

Northern news  

C-SPAN Campaign 2012

Ohio Northern was the site of the Road to the White House Tour: C-SPAN Campaign 2012 Bus on Oct. 3. More than 350 students, faculty, staff and community members turned out to be part of history. The bus is an interactive, educational experience with the goal of providing resources to enhance thought and discussion of government and public affairs. Read the full story  

Homecoming royalty 

Shayla Moyer, a senior management student from New Washington, Ohio, and Jacob Schwerer, a senior public relations major from Sandusky, Ohio, were crowned the 2012 Homecoming King and Queen.

Dr. Rob Alexander is proving why ONU is the authority on the Electoral College

On Monday, Oct. 22, during the most frenzied period of presidential election coverage, published Dr. Robert Alexander's op-ed about the Electoral College, "Rogue electors threaten elections' integrity." The piece explains how individual members of the Electoral College, the body that actually elects the president of the United States into office, may abandon their party allegiance and cast a rogue vote, potentially changing the election. Read more.

Career Services shares information on jobs

Check out the latest information from Career Services on how to help your student in today's job market and maximize their ONU degree. Click on the link located on the parent's website under the Connect heading.

'Her Deepness' highlights the Keiser Lecture 

Leading oceanographer and author Dr. Sylvia A. Earle was on campus this fall for the Keiser Distinguished Lectureship in Life Sciences program, named in honor of Terry D. Keiser, BSEd '64, ACIT '98, professor of biological sciences. The Keiser Distinguished Lectureship in Life Sciences brings nationally prominent life sciences scholars to ONU's campus each year to lecture and interact with students for a week.


Earle is an oceanographer, explorer, author and lecturer with experience as a field research scientist, government official, and director for corporate and nonprofit organizations. Formerly chief scientist of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Earle is a National Geographic explorer in residence and founder of SEAlliance, Mission Blue, and Deep Ocean Exploration and Research Inc. She chairs advisory councils for the Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies, the Ocean in Google Earth, the Marine Science and Technology Foundation, and the Schmidt Research Vessel Institute.


She has led more than 100 expeditions and logged nearly 7,000 hours underwater with a record solo dive to 1,000 meters and nine saturation dives, including leading the first team of women aquanauts during the Tektite Project. Earle's research concerns marine algae and deep-water ecosystems with special reference to exploration, conservation, and the development and use of new technologies for access and effective operations in the deep sea and other remote environments.


Hear comments from Earle and learn about her special connection to ONU's seventh president, Dr. Samuel L. Meyer. 
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Her Deepness
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Parent advisory council

The newly formed ONU Parent Advisory Council met on campus Oct. 27 and will meet again in the spring semester. This volunteer group can accept a few more dedicated and interested ONU parents. If you are looking to get involved and support the effort, please email for further details.