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Andrea M. Alexander
Reference Librarian
Assistant Professor in the Law Library

Brian D. Anderson
Reference Librarian
Assistant Professor in Law Library

Bill H. Ballard
Vice President of Finance
Financial Affairs

Dr. Brittany N. Bates
Clinical Assistant
Professor of Pharmacy Practice

Andrea L. Bender
Research Technician
College of Pharmacy

Kenneth W. Block
Vice President for University Advancement

Brad A. Boellner
Admissions Counselor
Admissions Office

Dr. Bryan Boulanger
Associate Professor of
Civil Engineering

Kelly Brant
Director of Development
Arts and Sciences

Jennifer K. Briggs
Senior Administrative
Admissions Office

Katelyn E. Brodman Financial Aid Counselor
Financial Aid Office

Nancy Burnett
Associate Director for Art and Design
Communications and Marketing

Kevin J. Byrne
Head Coach of Men's


Dr. Sandy Calvert
Assistant Professor of
Education and Director of the Center for Techer Education

Dr. David C. Crago
Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs


Sarah Crawford
Advanced Library Assistant
Heterick Library