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July 21-23 Jeju Island!

This weekend I went to Jeju Island with my friends, Lucy, Jacob, and Brent. Jeju Island is a vacation spot for people around the world, but especially for Koreans. Watching everyone board the plane reminded me of what it is like to watch families board a plane fo Disney World. Once we got to Jeju, we took a bus to the north side of the island and walked along the well-known Olle Trails. Here, we were able to see Cheonjiyeon Falls, a well-known tourist attraction that was absolutely beautiful! We explored beautiful rocks on the north coast overlooking the ocean and stayed until sunset, it was so beautiful and amazing. Some of my friends even jumped off of the cliffs into the water! We found a really cheap hotel to stay at during this visit which was a nice perk to this vacation spot :)

We joked our posing looked like a new season of LOST

We woke up early on Sunday morning to hike the tallest mountain in Korea, Mount Hallasan! The hike took us 7.5 hours in total. We were totally drained upon completion! The mountain is located in the middle of Jeju Island and is actually an inactive volcano, so, when we arrived at the top we were able to see a huge lake among the clouds. We felt so accomplished! - Now we can say we climbed Hallasan Mountain, tallest mountain in Korea (2 miles up, but a 6 mile hike), and Mount Bukhan - the tallest mountain in Seoul!

Almost to the top...

At the top!!!!!

View of the lake over the ledge :)

After the mountain, we decided to reward ourselves with a nice meal at a restrauant on the waterside called UFO. The dinner was delicious! I had pineapple rice served inside of a pineapple with some shrimp and we got to enjoy yet another beautiful sunset at Jeju. While we were taking pictures and wrapping up the day, a family approached us and asked where were were from, since it was obvious we were foreigners. After talking to this nice family for a bit, they realized we were unsure where we would stay that night and invited us into their home! It ended up being a Korean missionary who had left his home in China to open the first Chinese Christian church in Jeju! The family treated us to bing su (ice cream) and then drove us to their home which had plenty of spare rooms. They took us downtown to see more sights in Jeju and when we got back to the house, cut up cucumbers for our sunburned faces to help soothe the pain! They allowed us to take showers, offered us beds to sleep in, and even woke us up in the morning, made us breakfast, and drove us to the airport!! This was truly a gift from God! We were so amazed by the actions this family took to help us and to be so kind to complete strangers. They left lasting impressions on our hearts that will not soon, or ever, be forgotten! Needless to say, Jeju Island was a definite highlight of my trip to Korea. One journey after another and it keeps getting better :)