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July 16


Today after class, I had to prepare a presentation for my global ethics class about a documentary we watched on how population growth is affecting our resources here and Earth and what the ethical issues are regarding how to deal with this problem...I will present this issue tomorrow to the class.

Once I completed my homework I was free to roam the city again for the evening. Sara and I decided we wanted to get some shopping done! First, we went to Bukchon where we saw lots of really cool architecture and roof lines of old houses that had been preserved. We also saw a palace with the secret gardens; the palace had the same roof tops as many of the functional buildings in the surrounding area. It was neat to think this is how all of the houses looked many years ago.

Changdeokgung Palace & Secret Gardens architecture was similar to all of the other buildings in the area:

From here, we went to a station called Myeong-Dong where we spent countless hours wandering the streets full of vendors, vendors, vendors! Everything was so cheap, I found cute earrings, bracelets, skin care products, sunglasses, hair pieces, dresses, shirts, ties, you name it! All for extremely cheap prices. We also ate some street food here, there were many options to choose from but these burritos looked appealing to both of us and it ended up being a great choice :) We didn't leave the district for several hours and had a great time. When we tried to get on the subway to come back to Hanyang, one of the stores connecting the station underground was closed and we had to find an alternative route back. We befriended a girl named Kim who lived in Korea but spoke fluent English and was an exchange student in California last year who guided us to the other subway stop. We continue to be amazed by how kind and helpful people have been in Korea. We had a great time and I look forward to exploring more of the city later this week!

Panoramic of just one spot in Myeong-dong...3 directions to go, all equally enticing!!

Burritos & Lemonade in the marketplace = yum :)