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Ada Civic Engagement Day, Aug. 21

To continue the positive partnership with Ohio Northern University and the village of Ada, ONU is introducing the first Ada Civic Engagement (ACE) Day on Aug. 21.

The ACE initiative is being introduced this year to not only provide an opportunity for ONU first-year students to engage in the Ada but to also contribute to the beautification of Ada.

Clyde Picket, co-organizer of the ACE Day said, “We are excited about this year's event and hope that through your participation we will build new relationships, meet various needs in the community and raise the visibility of service learning, in order to encourage students and the community to volunteer.”

Pickett said this initiative is important to both the students and the community.

“It's important for our students to understand that they are part of the greater Ada community in addition to being ONU students. We want to establish a sense of partnership and responsibility in the community through this program. We want our students to understand that responsible citizenship and service to ones community is critical. Service projects like this are mutually beneficial for all.”

ONU is in the process of finding ACE sites, business or residential locations, in need of student help. The ONU student volunteer contributions can range from painting, landscaping, planting trees to decorating and cooking.

As an ACE site, the respective business or residential locations are responsible for providing all materials, tools and directionsfor how the project is to be carried out as well as supervision at your project. Students will begin work at 2 p. m, and will work until approximately 5 p.m.

Several businesses have already signed up for the services, however, there is still time for community businesses and organizations to get involved. If you are interested in becoming an "ACE site", please utilize the online submission form or contact Erin Chandler in the ONU Admissions Office at 419-772-2428. Site requests are due no later than Aug. 1.