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July 13

TGIF! Excited it is Friday but also have to try to get some sleep tonight because tomorrow we leave for the Boryeong Mud Festival about 3 hours away from Hanyang University...

After classes today, a few students in the ONU group decided we wanted to go a few subway stops away to a restaurant that Dede Shine, International Affairs at ONU, recommended. Here, we tried another Korean meal called Shabu Shabu. Basically, there is a huge bowl of steaming hot broth in the middle of the table and they bring out thinly sliced meat along with mushrooms, lettuce leaves, onions, carrots, frozen noodles, cabbage, pretty much any vegetable you can think of and then some! Since were were unsure exactly how it worked, the waitress helped us and showed us how to put the meat and lettuce into the giant bowl. We realized the meat browned almost instantly as it hit the boiling broth! Same with the frozen noodles and all of the vegetables. We were also given our own sauces to dip our food in once we picked it out of the broth. We all loved it! After all of the food was picked out and only broth left over, they brought us a huge bowl of rice and dumped it into the broth, then they cracked an egg into it and mixed it all up! It made an oatmeal-like textured seasoned dish...we were all very full when we left here but when you think about it we didn't really eat anything unhealthy. We got full on broth, meat, rice, and vegetables with no added salt or sugar ;)

After we walked out of dinner to meet up with other students, we saw a place where they were giving full body massages for only ~$16 for 40 minutes! Three of us decided to try it out, and it was very relaxing :) We also stopped by this huge 5 story "one stop shop" called E-mart to pick up some ingredients for s'mores since our friends from England have never had them before. When we finally found the marshmallows, it was only a small bag and they were rather expensive in comparison to other things here, about ~$3 for the bag. On top of that, it said "A true American Tradition!" on the bag and had an American flag on it. I didn't realize s'more making was not universal..we are working on fixing that problem!! :)

Unfortunately, later that night, one of the ONU students who had been sick and had to go to the hospital for treatment. Luckily, we have health insurance through the university and were able to be treated at the local university hospital that we walk past everyday to get to class. They had translators and many people to help us during our visit at the hospital. Once treated, we left and were able to continue our weekend at the Mud Festival (the next day...). It was nice to know there are options in case anything like this does happen. EunJu also sent one of her friends who lives locally with some medicine and soup to help too! We are very grateful to have such kind people here to help us.