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July 12

Today after class we went to Jamsil sports complex in Seoul, Korea to cheer on the Hanwha Eagles versus the Doosan Bears! Hayeong Ahn, Eunju Cho, and Soyeon Shim 3 (out of 6) of the Hanyang University exchange students who will be attending ONU in the fall came with us and taught us the ropes of attending a game. Some of us purchased these 'cheering sticks' before we entered the arena for $2000 won (~$2). They were WAY more popular than I expected. Everyone in the audience was split up into their respective team's cheering sections, in this case it was pretty much white sticks VS orange sticks, and everyone was cheering and chanting in unison! They also had a ring-leader type guy who stood up on a huge platform and led all of the cheers, along with 4 cheerleaders for each team who came out in between and also during innings to lead cheers as well as perform many different dance routines on the platform as well.

It was definitely one of my favorite things I have done since I've been here! -Tied with climbing the mountain- EunJu taught me some of the chants, one example is when there was a person up to bat, everyone would cheer *that person's name*, HOME-RUN!, *that person's name*, HOME-RUN! ... Also, they would play a mixture of some American pop songs and,surprisingly, they even played a song to the tune of 'Mary Had a Little Lamb.' EunJu told me that the lyrics to this song in Korean said something along the lines of "fly, fly, fly, airplane!" I absolutely LOVED the UNITY throughout the stadium...looking across the field I could see our opposition cheering and all of their white sticks looked like ants.

Before we got to the game, we bought 4 buckets of chicken to share with the group of us because it was cheaper than buying food at the game. Tickets to get into this game were only 9,000 won a piece, That is less than $9! In total for the entire night, including dinner, drinks, and the game, I paid less than $16. In America I think it would be hard to find a ticket alone for that price. Here are some videos to try to experience what we did as well as some pictures we took before and during the game. OH and the game was located right next to Olympic Stadium, where the Olympics were held in 1988. We got a few pictures with the stadium in the background which was pretty neat too :)

About halfway through the game, it started raining and literally EVERYONE pulled out an umbrella and made somewhat of a ceiling with them. I had to take a picture because it was crazy and actually looked kind of cool throughout the stadium.

Sara, Tj, and I posing for ONU with Hayeong Ahn, Eunju Cho, and Soyeon Shim!

After the baseball game, we went to an ice cream place called Hae Bong where we ate ice cream and waffles. The ice cream place is right down the street from where we are staying and many deemed it the "best ice cream they have ever had!" I don't know if I would go THAT far, but it was good!