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July 10

Trying street food for the first time with Simona :)

Today in my North Korean Politics class we watched a video called "Crossing," directed by a desendant of North Korea made in 2008 about the journey many have tried to endure in crossing the border out of North Korea. A man was trying to cross the border into China to get medicine for his wife who was pregnant and dying of tuberculosis. Once captured, decendants such as this man are either killed or taken into labor camps where they are treated like dirt, hardly fed, and when they die, their bodies dragged out and destroyed. Unlike most American films, this did not have a happy ending. Most students in the class were in tears after watching the horrifying truth of what is happening to this day in North Korea. We were left with a feeling of hopelessness since we know, and now have seen that this is happening but we feel as though there is nothing we can do to help these tormented people. I am definitely learning a lot in my classes I just wish there was more I could DO...

On another note....after classes, as a first, I went with 3 friends to try acupuncture. We went to a Korean clinic and I received treatment for back pain. The doctor could speak some English and explained the placement of each needle had to do with the "line of meridians." Back pain = needle in my foot, and so forth. I had a total of ~20 needles in my back, knees, and ankles. He left them in for about 15 minutes and then took me to a chiropractor chair to continue treatment. I feel pretty great right now! Others that I went with were treated for different ailments and we all seem to be waiting to see how the results will last, if at all!

Our acupucturist :)

On the way home from acupuncture, I tried street food for the first time since I have been here, although there are street vendors all over the place. It was fun trying the food although it was very greasy! I got a corndog-like food and also tried a sugar-covered doughnut-like food. Fun fun. Tomorow we go to the world's largest water park with the program (a lot of 'world's largest' things here in Seoul that I was unaware of before I came! haha) Can't wait!