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July 5

Today was the second day of classes since we have every Wednesday off...I switched out of my Korean Language class because there were some openings in a North Korean History clas and I am really interested in learning more about North Korea...also, the class takes a field trip to the border which is kind of crazy but I am excited!

After classes, we met with Seyun, EunJu, and Sung Shin who took us to another type of Korean BBQ since we liked it so much the first time we tried it. Naturally, it was raining.

Korean BBQ #2! :)

After dinner, EunJu and Seyun took some of us to a Karaoke room, they call it NORAEBANG(singing room). It was actually a ton of fun, you can pick from thousands of songs in both Korean and English and there are lights, two mics, a huge TV screen with lyrics, and several different places you can sit or stand...we mainly stood up during the upbeat songs :)

This is a good example of how they translate many terms..many times it will be written out in Korean then underneath it you will see what it means in English, it is very helpful!!!!

The many different singng rooms. This was only our floor, but there were multiple FLOORS of these rooms. And lots of places to do it. I believe it is quite a popular pastime here. And I can see why! We had a blast.