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July 4


Today, we attended a city tour of Seoul with 4 bus loads worth of students. We went to gyeongbokgung palace where we could read about the royal families that lived there and also explore the grounds. One really cool thing was that the family constructed an amazing garden behind their palace and spent their "vacations" was absolutely beautiful! We were also able to explore a museum on site.

After the market place, we went to lunch at this place where we were fed a soup with a WHOLE chicken in it. This soup is very healthy, they boil the entire baby chicken in the same bowl you eat it in and it is full of rice, ginsing root, plum, and other vitamins. My friend Jessica, whose mom is Korean, said that when she is sick, this is what her mom makes for her to eat to feel better, like chicken soup with an upgrade! haha There is a huge bowl in the middle of the table for bones from the chicken and also a side of salt since there is no salt in the soup and can be added to taste at our own pleasure. I liked the soup a lot!

Following lunch, we left for another market place where we could write our names in Korean and also got to see a 4D movie! The chairs moved in all directions and water/mist was sprayed on us during the film several times. We were in the heart of the city where there is an enormous statue of King Sejong and Admiral Yi Sunshin surrounded by fountains and gardens, along with a free place to try on a jeogori (hat) and a chima (outfit) to look like a king ourselves :D One weird thing here is when we are laughing dressing up or posing for a picture, many locals take our picture as well...with their own cameras. Or they ask us to pose for a picture so they can take it. lol I'm not too sure why?

King Sejong

Admiral Yi Sunshin

Showing off our names :D


Gardens in the middle of the city

I loved the fountains!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY :D ...It was very cool celebrating America with students from all over the world, everyone was so supportive and wanted to celebrate with us, we went out to a bar on the 3rd and I was with students from China, Germany, Korea, and all over America and we all sang the national anthem at midnight it was a BLAST. The foreign students didn't know the lyrics but they knew the tune so they hummed it with us and everyone was curious about what we did in America to celebrate so we explained the fireworks and food and they threw a party for us on the rooftop the next night :) :)

After we left the city area we went to Hankuk Village, an older mock-village of what it used to look like pre-1945 when Korea was the third poorest nation in the world (and now are one of the top 10 richest in the world!) Here, they also had open performances of taekwondo we sat and watched for awhile, they ran up each other like 12 feet in the air to jump and kick boards, apples, and other fruits. They also did several of these feats with blindfolds on. It was cool!

From here, we left for Seoul Tower. I had been there already at night time but it was cool to see during the day too! The University paid for everything our entire day so we got to go up in the elevator again. Also, after we looked around some more we got a group photo of our entire group and sang happy birthday to one of the students in our group. We all sang in different languages, depending on where we were from so it was fun to hear all the different languages at once :D ....the world seems to small to me now that I am spending so much time everyday with students who are from literally all over the world :) :)

Busy busy, but fun day :D