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July 1

Today we hiked up Mount Bukhansan, the most challenging and tallest mountain in all of Seoul! What an amazing accomplishment. I could not believe how many people were hiking up this treacherous mountain including children as young as 5 years old or younger. They allowed any and everyone to hike up this mountain with no guidance at all, which I could not believe! It got really scary toward the top when we couldn't see below us anymore because of the clouds. It took us 2 hours to hike up and is 3 miles high.

At the top!!

We celebrated afterward with a group high five and showed off our ribbon for making it to the top, you can see the bottom of the mountain in the background here...

This is a pretty good idea of how difficult it was to hike up but I feel like no picture can really do it justice, it took a ton of lower and upper body strength to get to the top and when I accidentally glanced down it made it a lot harder!!

Taking a little break on the way up the mountain

We stopped at this restaurant on the way home after we finished climbing the mountain for some food and was the first time all of us had eaten while sitting on the floor :) .. we took off our shoes and sat on these mats. It took us a little while to communicate that we wanted CHICKEN, but after some clucking sounds we finally got the point across!