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June 30

Ahhhhh what a busy and fun day! EunJu, a student who is coming to ONU next year as an exchange student, came to meet us and showed us around some of the city. She took us to a huge mall where we stopped to eat in the food court. You basically order what you want at the front counter, we all ordered a popular dish they prounounced something like "m pop pop" where they mix rice, egg, cucumber, cabbage, carrots, some other foods, with spicy sauce and eat it all together. We were all a little nervous at first but it turned out it tasted really good! We all liked it. Jacob especially liked one of the side dishes, as you can see, he ate all of ours :) In the evening, Tj, Sara, and I went to the Banpo bridge where they do this awesome free 15 minute light/water/music show at 8pm, then again a 830pm with different music. There were a lot of people there and this was on the list of top 10 things to see/do in Seoul, so we were very happy to see this and cross it off of our list!!

My lunch!

They love making peace signs, they did it for every picture we took without thinking and when we asked them about it they just said that its what they's really cute, they were fun :)

Jacob LOVED the side dish of a vegetable grown in Korea similar to a green bean and covered in hot spicy sauce. He ate all of ours! Gladly.

This underground shopping mall was hugeeeee! And it was awesome because everything was so easy to, whole dollars, no tax, and no cash registers so it kind of reminded me of buying something at a garage just showed what you wanted and asked how much, then gave them the money and they would pull change out of their pockets if you needed it. Also, many very nice clothes were so affordable! I bought a nice shirt that only cost 4000 won (~$4 American) and a necklace for 5000 won (~$5) and in America the same outfit probably would have been about $50!! I love the style sisters would go crazy in these stores, especially since it is so easy to buy....very very cool. We also are learning to navigate the subway system quite well, which is a huge plus because it is making it extremely easy to get from place to place.