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June 28...or is the 29th??

This morning I woke up at 4am and my friend drove me to the airport where I met TJ, and we were off!!

We flew first to TX, then endured a 13 hour long flight to Tokyo!!

To Texas on this little guy...

...then to Tokyo on this monster plane! The plane was amazing, it had TVs for everyone to watch movies, shows, play games, or even watch the flight path! It had information such as how fast the plane was moving, how high up we were, and outdoor temperatures (which dropped to -70 degreesF when we were flying over Alaska!) There was music to listen to, and we were served 3 different meals/snacks on the plane.

Sitting in Tokyo, Japan in the airport waiting for our last 2 hour flight to Seoul! It is 2:30PM here in Japan, but 1:30AM at home, so my body is telling me to sleep but my brain is making me stay awake. We should arrive tonight in Seoul where we will take a bus and a taxi to Hanyang University. We are making the trek alone (as a group) and I sure hope we can make it there in one piece :)