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Colloquium 2012

Ohio Northern University students representing all four undergraduate colleges will present their research at the ONU Student Research Colloquium on Friday, April 27, from 10 a.m. to 2:15 p.m., in McIntosh Center.

The Student Research Colloquium is a true showcase for undergraduate research, with students scheduled to present 76 projects this year. For students, research bridges the gap between knowledge and experience and provides for career exploration and development. Presenters at this year’s Colloquium will share the results of their research with the larger academic community, enliven the intellectual climate on campus, and stimulate discussions and collaborations within and across disciplines, all while developing skills important to their long-term personal and professional success.

Paper Presentation Schedule – Morning Sessions 10:00 – 11:45 AM

Honors Papers • Wishing Well

  • For the Dramatic, Is Bigger Always Better? — Brandea McIntyre (HONR Writing Seminar)
  • Fear Factor: How the Centers for Disease Control Uses Hollywood Cinema to Educate — Lauren E. Titus (HONR Writing Seminar)
  • Save a Life! Be a Bone Marrow Donor! - A Health Campaign at Ohio Northern University — Cara Schroeder (HONR Capstone)
  • Explaining Pharmacy Residency Programs and the Match Process — Heather Armbruster (HONR Capstone)
  • Screening Novel Inhibitors of Glutamate Racemase, a New Antibacterial Target — Nicole Amadon (HONR Capstone)

Social Sciences I Conference Room 7

  • School Violence: The Classical and Contemporary Theories Surrounding It — Michelle Gasser
  • Engaging in Academic Doping — Samantha N. Stripe
  • Increased Acceptance of Marijuana Use, a Sociological View — Brittany Welch
  • The History and Development of “The Bro” in Modern Society — Seth D. Adelman

Paper Presentation Schedule – Afternoon Sessions — 12:30 – 2:15 PM

Various Disciplines • Wishing Well

  • Accuracy of the Automatic Revocation of Exemption List for the State of Ohio — Andrew Jacoby, Matt Dutro
  • Defining Credibility in Celebrity Endorsements — Shana Tachikawa
  • The Use of Social Media in Health Care Organizations — Katie N. Hozan

Social Sciences II Conference Room 7

  • The Effects of Reality Television on Society — Keshia Nicole Mihalik
  • Religion and Happiness — Sarah M. Diehm
  • Interracial Adoption in the United States — Arielle Patricia House
  • Sociopathy and the Collective Conscience — Wade T. Boggs
  • Sex Offenders Say the Darndest Things: A Look at the Language of Sex Offenders — Nichole Fern Listeman

Poster Presentation Schedule – Morning Session — 10:00 – 11:15 AM

STEM Disciplines I Main Lounge

  1. Distribution of Chthamalus fragilis in a Northern Florida Salt Marsh — Brittany Ann Bianco, Kandai Doi, Garrett D. Fruchey
  2. Lack of Macroinvertebrate Community Response to Spate Disturbance and Increased Habitat Effect in a Third Order Ohio Stream — Dawn T. DeColibus, Nicole Howard
  3. Vegetative Response to Archeological Disturbances in an Eastern Ohio Forest — Bethany J. Blakely, Magda Molnar, Emily Nebgen
  4. Dietary Variations of the Golden Redhorse (Moxostoma erythrurum) in Two Streams of Varying Water Quality — Joshua Allen Ryan, Chad Michael Carroll
  5. Sustainability at Ohio Northern University: The Applicability of a Campus Wide Composting/Slop Program — Courtney Hisey
  6. Protecting America: The Value of a National DNA Database — Jessica L. Harris
  7. Future of Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus Treatment in Quality of Life — Lauren Elizabeth Frame
  8. At What Doses Are Thyme Based Products More Effective against MRSA than Common Hospital Disinfectants? — Kelsea L. Redinger
  9. Advancements in Medical Laboratory Automation: Is Acceptance Based on Technologist Age? — Shannon D. Bruewer
  10. Automated Methods in a Medium Sized Blood Bank when Compared to Manual Methods — Ben L. Hedges
  11. Effect of MLS Formal Education on MLS Career Retention Rate — Torrie Klier
  12. Importance of Following a Standardized Procedure — Zeina Mahmoud
  13. Automated versus Manual Absolute Neutrophil Counts in Determining Therapy for Oncology Patients — Tiffany Lynn LeMaster
  14. A Comparison of the TRX Systems Effect on Core Engagement during a Standard Plank Exercise — Kasey Roeser
  15. Parametric Study of Solar Photovoltaic Systems — Daniel C. Smith
  16. Eyes for the Blind Intelligent Cane — Julia Noschang, David Warsinskey
  17. Amphibious Charging Platform – Multi-Modal Marsupial System — Nicholas C. Erickson
  18. Mobile Assault Vehicle: A Capstone Study in Advanced Robotics — Brian T. Rudary, Nathan Henry Evans, Adam Tabit
  19. The Status of STEM Education as Perceived by School Administrators — Zach Freer, Levi Brown, Mick Letcher

Poster Presentation Schedule – Midday Session — 11:30 AM – 12:45 PM

Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciences Main Lounge

  1. Roland Barthes’ Theory of Semiotics and Advertising: The Message of a Family Image in an Advertisement — Sarah Elizabeth Ginty
  2. All the Small Things: The Power of Minimalism in Modern Advertising — Abby Brown
  3. Fear Appeals and Social Influence on Perceptions of Illegal Adderall Use — Sarah Marie Lyle, Seth David Adelman, Samantha Nicole Stripe, David Elliot Wareham
  4. The Effect of Reading an Emotional Passage on Prospective and Retrospective Time Estimates — Mackenzie M. Hoffman, Elizabeth A. Good, Traci R. Gray, Brittany R. Welch
  5. Emerging Adult Locus of Control and Regular Bed Time Related to Sleep Quality — Lauren E. Hurd
  6. Making it Personal: Using Personal Salience of Health Behaviors as a Means to Improve Sleep — Amanda Kathryn Amstutz
  7. Blunted Corticosterone Response to Acute Predator Stress Results in Long-Term Spatial Memory Impairment — Julia Pisansky, Hanna Burke, Cristina Robinson, Sarah Woelke, Bethany Wentz, Jerel McKay, Kyle Dexter
  8. Brief, Pre-Retrieval Stress Selectively Impairs Long-Term Memory in Males who Exhibit Reduced Cortisol Response to Stress — Andrea Kalchik, Sarah Woelke, Hanna Burke, Julia Pisansky, Mackenzie Hoffman, Rachael Aufdenkampe
  9. Effects of Distraction and Priming on Cognitive Performance — Arielle House, Nicole Grant, Aaron Spence
  10. Pre-Learning Stress Selectively Impairs Long-Term Memory in Males and Is Mediated by Corticosteroid-Dependent Mechanisms — Sarah Woelke, Hanna Burke, Julia Pisansky
  11. Sex-Specific Impairment of Spatial Memory following a Reminder of Predator Stress — Hanna Burke, Cristina Robinson, Bethany Wentz, Jerel McKay, Kyle Dexter, Julia Pisansky
  12. The Effects of Contemporary Music on Picture Ratings by Undergraduate Students — Raeann M. Vuona, Chahdael B. Smith, Taylor Boedicker, Alexandra M. McGinness
  13. The Effects of Mood and Environmental Setting on Impression Formation — Sarah Vore, Rachael Aufdenkampe, Andrea Kalchik, Alex Schroeder
  14. The Effects of Various Primes and Opponent Variables on the Anonymous Dictator Game — Alexander J. Koenig, Samuel H. Jones, Cristina M. Robinson
  15. Child Crime Reports in Cuyahoga County Ohio — Taylor Boedicker
  16. Endangered Species Distribution Interactive Mapping in Ohio — Garett Dalton Fruchey
  17. Lake Erie Yellow Perch Prime Harvesting Time and Location — Lindsay Ziegler
  18. Population Change and Shortline Railroad Abandonment in Kansas — Caleb Worley
  19. The Decline of the American Bison — Emily Nebgen
  20. The Distribution of Rabies Incidence among Wildlife in Ohio — Kandai Doi
  21. The Ecology of Infection: White-tailed Deer and Lyme Disease — Bethany J. Blakely
  22. Wind Energy: Turning Towards a Better Future — Michael McConnell
  23. Music of the Ohio Hopewell Culture — Joshua A. Haudenschield

Poster Presentation Schedule – Afternoon Session — 1:00 – 2:15 PM

STEM Disciplines II Main Lounge

  1. Cationic Polymerization of β-Pinene in Conjunction with [Ph3C][B(C6F5)4] — Stephanie N. Moore
  2. New Neutral Ligands for Transition Metal Catalysis in Aqueous Media — Lindsay C. Wiener
  3. Exploration of chiral 1,5-diazocyclooctanes for Use in Asymmetric Organic Synthesis — Thomas H. Allen
  4. Using Microwave Chemistry in the Reaction of DMSO with Carboxylic Acids — Allison M. McCarthy
  5. Dissolved Phosphorus Analysis in Freshwater Systems — Joanne Berry
  6. The Analysis of Dimethylsulfide Permeability across a Biological Membrane — Robert L. Zimmer
  7. Chromones as Privileged Structures: Development of Drug-Like Scaffolds with Antimicrobial and Cytotoxic Properties — Russell Spatney, Colleen Baker
  8. A Study of the Inhibition of Mitochondrial iPLA2 Isomers by BEL Enantiomers — Caleb Ross Davis
  9. Synthesis and Characterization of a Ru-Pd Bimetallic Complex — Ryan Christman
  10. Computational Study of Substituent Effects on the Band Gap of Porphyrin-Based Polymeric Systems — Morgan A. Hammer
  11. Pnictogen and Chalcogen Heterocycle Linkers in Porphyrin Polymers: A Computational Study of Donor Materials for OPV Devices — Zachary L. Dunn
  12. Herbal Medicine in America: Examining a New Option in Healthcare — Michael P. Herman
  13. Rapidly Disintegrating Tablet vs. Enteric-Coated Ibuprofen: Is One Better Than The Other? — Elizabeth A. Grubb
  14. Sigma 2 Receptor Antagonists as Anticancer Agents — Haley Armstrong
  15. Photometry and Redshifts of Galaxies in Radio-loud Clusters — Donald J. Pleshinger
  16. A Nice Relation in Triangle Geometry — Ashley Ernst, Morgan Hammer, Mitchell P. Thayer, Matt Tremains
  17. On the Product of Binomial Coefficients — Emily S. Barbee