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Mathematical Statistics Major

  • The Mathematical Statistics major at ONU offers undergraduate students the rare opportunity to obtain a solid statistics education at a smaller university.  The great majority of universities that offer a statistics major are large universities, where the institutional emphasis is often on advanced research rather than teaching.
  • The statistics courses taken by Mathematical Statistics majors at ONU are typically small in enrollment, the great majority having 15 students or less.  Unlike larger universities, where many courses are taught by graduate student teaching assistants, statistics courses at ONU are taught almost entirely by professors of statistics, who have Ph.D. degrees in statistics. 
  • The priority of all faculty at ONU is to provide its students with the best possible undergraduate education.  This is certainly true of our statistics professors, who provide the Mathematical Statistics majors with a high degree of individual access and attention.  This includes the conduct of research and consulting at a level of sophistication that is accessible to the students.


  • The Mathematical Statistics major at ONU provides an excellent background for further study or employment in numerous areas, including:  Statistics, Biostatistics, Medicine, Public Health, Computer Science, Law, Business, Education, Actuarial Science, Information Sciences, Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, Engineering, Industry (particularly the Pharmaceutical Industry), Government, Biological Sciences (particularly Genetics and Ecology), Forensic Science, Criminal Justice, Environmental Sciences, and Sports Management.
  • Upon graduation ONU Mathematical Statistics graduateshave obtained positions at top companies, including:  Farmers Insurance, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, Progressive Insurance, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, Crown Equipment Company, United Medical Resources, and Sky Financial Solutions.
  • Upon graduation ONU Mathematical Statistics graduates have entered graduate programs at top universities, including:  Wright State University (Statistics), Bowling Green State University (Economics), The University of Michigan (Statistics and Biostatistics), North Carolina State University (Statistics), The University of Akron (Statistics), and Florida State University (Educational Psychology).