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Applied Mathematics Major

The Applied Mathematics major at ONU offers you the chance to study how mathematics is applied to real world situations.  The key characteristics of our program are:

  • Flexibility:  You are able to design an individualized course of study that combines mathematics with an area of concentration based on your own interests.
  • Mentoring:  You will have one advisor for your whole time in the program.  That advisor gets to know you well and helps you explore possible careers and opportunities in the fields of Applied Mathematics that interest you most.  In addition you will have the opportunity of getting involved in research with a faculty mentor who is able to guide you as you start your career in developing  mathematical models for real world problems.
  • Internships/Co-op
  1. You will have opportunities to apply for internships and research experiences for undergraduates (REU’s) that will give you the chance to explore different areas of applied mathematics.
  2. A number of our students have been successful in gaining internships that have helped to cover the costs of their education.
  3. Our new Co-op program will give you the opportunity to gain work experience in your field as part of your university education.  Such experience helps you to pay for the cost of your education and gives you an advantage when you apply for your first job.
  • Gateway to a successful and profitable career:  Applied mathematicians are in demand in every industry and the need is increasing.  Applied Math majors are often hired by firms because they have the skills to be able to learn what's needed for their specific industry. Math majors have the ability to pick up on patterns and to create models that help guide decision making in their firms.