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Mathematics Major - Teacher Licensure Concentration

  • The Mathematics Major with Teacher Licensure at ONU provides candidates with all the coursework and experience requirements to obtain the Initial Four-Year Resident Educator License in Ohio.  Although each state sets its own requirements for teaching credentials, Ohio engages in reciprocity agreements with many other states.
  • Upon graduation, recent ONU Mathematics Major with Teacher Licensure graduates have obtained positions in schools Ohio in Columbus, Cincinnati, Toledo, Sidney, Ridgeway, McGuffey, Grove City, Mansfield, Mount Vernon, Lima, New Matamoras, New Lebanon, Medina, and Washington Courthouse as well as positions in Texas, South Carolina, Illinois, West Virginia, North Carolina., and Cameroon.
  • Upon graduation, some ONU Mathematics Major with Teacher Licensure graduates have taken the opportunity to pursue graduate or professional programs such as education, mathematics, law, and the seminary.


  • The Mathematics major with Teacher Licensure offers undergraduate students the opportunity to complete the mathematics major while also completing all professional education coursework and experience requirements for the Ohio Adolescent/Young Adult Integrated Mathematics teaching license (grades 7-12).  Ohio Northern University’s Center for Teacher Education is nationally accredited through NCATE (National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education) and the Integrated Mathematics program is Nationally Recognized through the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics/NCATE program review process.
  • To visit the ONU Education Department, follow this link.
  • Since ONU focuses exclusively on undergraduate programs in mathematics, the mathematics courses taken by the Mathematics major with Teacher Licensure are typically taught by professors of mathematics with Ph.D. degrees rather than graduate students or teaching assistants.  Most classes are small (less than 30 students) with many upper level courses having fewer than ten students.  The professional education coursework is taught almost exclusively by full-time Education faculty with terminal degrees who have K-12 teaching experience with most having extensive experience in the public schools.
  • ONU Mathematics majors with Teacher Licensure have the opportunity to practice the art of mathematics teaching through designed field experiences in local schools.  These experiences are tied directly to coursework and supervised by the full-time faculty member teaching the course.  The program culminates with a full-time student teaching semester which is closely supervised by ONU faculty.