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Mathematics Major with the Advanced Mathematical Studies concentration

Those who enjoy the subtleties of mathematical reasoning and the inherent beauty of the mathematical truth should consider a career oriented towards mathematical research, leading - via graduate school - either to a position of teaching and research at the University level, or to a position of high-end applied research and development in areas such as telecommunications, cryptography, information systems and networks, and many others. A great way to start your journey is pursuing the Mathematics Major with the Advanced Mathematical Studies concentration at Ohio Northern University. Here are some specific reasons that we hope will help you in your choice:

  •  Undergraduate Research and Quality of Instruction. Ohio Northern University in general, and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics in particular, believes that undergraduate research is a pillar upon which future success is built. To this end, the classes are small in size (which makes the student-faculty interaction very individualized) and taught by Ph. D. faculty, many of whom have active research programs that are recognized in their respective areas. Moreover, our bi-monthly Department seminar offers additional opportunities for social interaction as well as mathematical enrichment.
  • Excellent opportunities for resume building. Ten faculty-student journal papers in the area of Number Theory (an essential tool in cryptography) have been published in the period 2004-2012, with some of these results being referenced in mathematical venues such as the Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences, RutgersUniversity's Experimental Mathematics Seminar, Math Overflow website, and cited in various mathematics articles and books. Moreover, more than 70 student talks or poster presentations have been delivered by our students at various mathematical conferences, six of them receiving national awards. Any student resume that listspublications, award-winning presentations, or conference talks or posters, is a very attractive part of a graduate school application, or a job application in a relevant R&D area.
  • Interactive experience in problem solving. Our department features the ONU-SOLVE Problem Group which was recognized six times (as a group or through an individual member) in the journals Fibonacci Quarterly, Mathematics Magazine and The College Mathematics Journal in the period 2011-2012, with one complete solution published in Fibonacci Quarterly. Having a strong and fruitful problem solving experience is a great asset in any job application.
  • Graduate school placement. Our graduates pursued graduate studies at various well respected graduate schools, including University of Florida, North Carolina State University, Purdue University, Ohio State University, Miami University, University of Akron, University of Colorado, among others.

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