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Discover Nursing at ONU: A 2012 U.S. News “Hot Job”

Each year U.S. News & World Report compiles a listing of the “Best Jobs” in professions that are projected to increase hiring over the next few years, based on information from the Labor Department’s employment forecasts.
Nursing is this year’s top ranked “Hot Job.” Ohio Northern University offers strong academic preparation for students pursuing nursing careers, as well as for several of the other top jobs that were listed, including pharmacy, computer engineering, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. According to U.S. News, the year's hottest jobs are hiring in droves, paying well and providing room to grow.
For students interested in this career, determining a niche in the nursing world early on will help prospects stay competitive. Potential nurses have a even better chance at landing a nursing job by looking for employment outside of hospitals and using virtual networking tools. Michael Wolf, an economist, says, “registered nurses should grow by about 26 percent.” Registered nursing is such an expansive profession and will gain nearly 712,000 positions this decade. The average salary ranges from $44,190 to $95,130.
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