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Advanced Energy Concentration

ImageThe Ohio Northern advanced energy concentration is open to electrical, mechanical, and computer engineering students. The concentration builds on a foundation of strong fundamentals coupled with current energy topics and issues.

The advanced energy concentration curriculum consists of core discipline specific courses and energy-relevant required and electives courses. Energy-relevant courses are both within the chosen discipline and from the other engineering disciplines. This cross-discipline, energy-focused approach prepares students for the integrated concepts prevalent within advanced energy technologies.

Depending on the specific plan of study, students may be exposed to the following topics through the concentration:

  • Integration of traditional and advanced energy sources into the electrical grid
  • Emergence of intelligent electrical grid technologies
  • Expansion and inclusion of renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, and biogas
  • Development and integration of new electrical generation sources
  • Development and emergence of enhanced and intelligent electrical appliances and devices
  • Impact and implications of the recent US shale natural gas expansion
  • Implications of a dwindling supply of some fossil fuels
  • Basic clean coal and bio-gas technologies
  • Economics of alternative energy source site development
  • Advanced automotive propulsion technologies including hybrid, fuel cell, natural gas, and battery electric
  • Developments and contrast of various forms of energy storage
  • Emerging technologies in the advanced energy sector
  • Geo-political aspects of energy production and use
  • Environmental implications of traditional and advanced forms of energy production and delivery
  • Broad perspectives of energy related issues across traditional engineering discipline boundaries

As the world strives to meet an increasing demand for energy with dwindling natural resources, and a graying workforce, the need for engineers focused on energy-related issues rapidly increases.

An undergraduate degree in mechanical, electrical or computer engineering coupled with an advanced energy concentration is excellent preparation for careers in energy-related industries including electric utilities, high efficiency equipment design, power control systems, and alternative energy generation, control and distribution. Graduates with an advanced energy concentration will have a solid foundation for postgraduate studies in energy-related programs and topics.

The advanced energy concentration builds upon the foundation courses of each discipline and requires both specific and elective energy relevant courses as outlined in the curriculum guides identified below.

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