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Law professor appointed to Ohio Supreme Court’s Commission on Professionalism

Mar 1, 2012

Bryan Ward, Ohio Northern University director of clinical programs and professor at the Pettit College of Law, was appointed to the Ohio Supreme Court’s Commission on Professionalism in January 2012. He will serve a three-year term that will expire Dec. 31, 2014.

The Commission on Professionalism was created to promote professionalism among attorneys practicing law in Ohio. Members are to maintain the highest standards of integrity and honor among members of the profession.

“It is an honor and pleasure to be appointed to the Ohio Supreme Court's Commission on Professionalism,” said Ward. “I have had the privilege to teach professionalism to our students and to members of the legal community during my time here at Ohio Northern University's College of Law and look forward to the opportunity to focus in even greater detail on these issues. Professionalism is an issue of great import for all lawyers and law students, and my appointment to this commission will be an excellent opportunity for me to interact with my peers throughout Ohio.”

Members of the commission have seven duties assigned to them. Members must monitor and coordinate professionalism efforts and activities in Ohio Courts, in bar associations, in law schools and by other entities; monitor professionalism efforts and activities in jurisdictions outside Ohio; promote and sponsor state and local activities that emphasize and enhance professionalism; develop and make available educational materials and other information for use by judicial organizations, bar associations, law schools, and other entities in emphasizing and enhancing professionalism; assist in the development of law school orientation programs, law school curricula, new lawyer training programs and continuing education programs that emphasize professionalism; make recommendations to the Supreme Court, judicial organizations, bar associations, law schools and other entities on methods by which professionalism can be enhanced; and oversee and administer a mentoring program for attorneys newly admitted to the practice of law in Ohio as the commission deems appropriate.

The commission is made up of five judges, six lawyers, two law school administrators or faculty, and two people not allowed to practice law in any state. With the exception of lawyer commissioners, all are appointed by the justice of the Supreme Court of Ohio.

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