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Habitat NOLA

Please follow these students on their blog as they document their
experiences helping to heal a community.

More than six years have past since Hurricane Katrina and the subsequent flooding devastated the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. More than six years of cleaning up and rebuilding, and yet much more work is needed. Many areas of the city seem trapped in time, with homes damaged by the storm unchanged since the water receded. That is why Project Homecoming works tirelessly to bring the city back , and why others across the county are lending a hand.

ONU Habitat for Humanity is taking five students and one advisor to New Orleans over winter break to work with Project Homecoming to build and repair homes in areas devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Students will learn about the long lasting impact of the hurricane while serving needy families.

LeeAnne Sipe, assistant director of Residence Life, who is coordinating the project, explains, “With the transition to semesters, students have a longer winter break than ever before. The group decided to capitalize on this by volunteering a week of their time to their mission of providing affordable housing to needy families. Interest in this trip exceeded my expectations, and we hope that it should be successful so that ONU can continue making a difference for years to come.”