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Kelli Waggoner, PharmD ’04

What can you say about Dr. McCurdy? Words cannot express the amount of gratitude and fondness I have for him and all of his support over the years as a pharmacy student and women’s basketball player at Ohio Northern. He remains to this day a staple at most home basketball games... usually sitting courtside. He always had a way of making me realize that there was more to life than a silly basketball game, but we had better beat Capital along the way just for good measure. I used to make frequent visits to his office to ask him questions that usually had nothing to do with pharmacy. Dr. McCurdy always gave great advice and guidance and made me realize that there was more to life and becoming a pharmacist than what I received on my last organic chemistry test. He also was great about getting students involved in other activities besides pharmacy-related ones. I was a “volunteer” at a couple of Robby Classics and Pharmacy Golf Outings, where my main duties were to make up a foursome and draw door prizes. A great gig when you are a student!  As far as pharmacy endorsements go, you cannot find a better proponent than Dr. McCurdy. He lives for the students and alumni of the College of Pharmacy. The excitement that he conveys when talking with prospective students and getting young people interested in our profession is awesome to watch. I owe my career as a pharmacist, in part, to the encouragement, support and genuine interest I received from Dr. McCurdy.

Kelli Waggoner, PharmD ’04
Pharmacy Manager
Kroger Pharmacy
Middletown, Ohio